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If there is one article of clothing that people (well mainly women I think) seem to obsess about when it comes to “fitting into their favorite clothes”, it is jeans. Jeans are a staple for most people around the world. I love my jeans. If I could I would wear them every day, as I have a strong dislike for dress pants (skirts = ok, pants = yucky ducky). When one has a baby, a common thought is when will I be able to wear my skinny jeans again? For me it was quite some time before I could fit into my old pre-pregnancy jeans. I also made the mistake of trying to wear my maternity jeans a few days after giving birth. Future Mama’s: do NOT attempt to wear jeans right after giving birth. Embrace the yoga/sweat pants for a couple of weeks!

Anyways, after a couple of weeks, I was ready to wear my jeans again. But alas, having gained weight, I did not fit into a single pair of regular pants. So off I went shopping. Shopping for jeans a month or so after having Max was not a fun experience. Jeans just felt wrong. They were either too tight in the waist and baggy in the legs, or just plain wrong everywhere. I went to several stores trying on jeans until I found some Old Navy ones that worked (I think my Mom called them “Mom jeans” – ugh). However those jeans did not last long. After I lost most of my pregnancy weight, those pants were too big and made my ass look huge. So off came those pants and off again I went shopping. This time I got a different cut from Old Navy and those jeans lasted a bit longer, but eventually they got baggy. In the summer I finally was able to get back into two pairs of my ‘pre-pregnancy’ jeans: HOORAY. There is a little bit of muffin top action going on – but at least they fit proper (aka no saggy bum).

In all of this jeans not fitting action – my taste in jean style changed. I no longer just liked boot-cut or a slight flare. I was *gasp* getting into skinny jeans! I used to despise skinny jeans – I thought skinny jeans looked stupid and I never glanced at them at the store. Well thanks to Tom shoes, flats and the boot look – I now have some skinny jeans. I also think the fact that my bottom is a bit smaller helped the jean style change. So this weekend I went to the mall (again) and found some skinny jeans that fit properly from Bluenotes (where I usually buy my jeans). The good thing? The two pairs I bought are in my former size!

I still have my ‘fat pants’ jeans in my closet. They will stay there until I decide (well we decide) if we have another baby one day or not. I know that if I do, I will have to dust off the jeans and wear those bad boys again.

What style of jeans do you wear?

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