During vacation times, I tend to do a bit of organizing around the house. I mostly organize during days off as I am home when Max takes his uber-long afternoon nap and it gives me some time to get things done. Today was closet and drawers day! Max was my little helper by helping me to empty the drawers and then giggle while throwing everything around. After I checked over everything for a Keep or Donate pile, I re-org’d both the closet and my dresser. Not going to lie – usually my re-org only lasts a month or two ๐Ÿ™‚


– I had to really tidy up the massive pile of hoodies that I own. I get hoodies all the time for school and track. Major note to self to get something different this year ๐Ÿ™‚ ย I hung up hoodies that I wear often, and folded my keepsake hoodies and put them on a shelf

– After sorting through my clothes – I hung them up in a particular order that is also colour coordinated. The order is Short-sleeved dress, t-shirts, dressy short sleeve, vests, long sleeved shirts, collared shirts, sweaters, button-up/open sweaters and then jackets/blazers. This is all followed up by dress pants, skirts and dresses (jeans are on another shelf).




– I already organized the under-roo and sock drawer using Ikea organizers, so I skipped that

– T-shirt drawer. The donate pile got a little bigger as I purged my 2011 race t-shirts that are not important (or ones that I get every year), and some tank tops that just don’t fit. I then put my tshirts into piles (keepsake, pajama, long sleeved, school-related, nice layering shirts and tank tops). I tend to get tons of t-shirts throughout the year, so a purge of the shirts is a must!

– Bottoms drawer. A little simple: just PJ bottoms, swimwear and yoga pants. *yawn* ย Most of my bottoms are in the closet.



So that was my project for the day!

Now to haul all this stuff to a donation place – where are my CP pickup calls when I need them ๐Ÿ™‚

Clothes pile and a Max photo-bomb

Clothes pile and a Max photo-bomb

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