Voice is gone!

So I woke up this morning with my voice pretty much gone. I can whisper and that is about it! I am trying to talk and my vocal cords are not cooperating! With my job, it makes things a bit interesting as in terms of ‘essential skills’ of a job – oral communication is #1 for teachers.  Yes – I *could* take a sick day, but I have taken a few already this year (almost one a week this month) including one last week, so no…I will not be taking a sick day today. Plus, for those who are in Ottawa – you kind of know what is going on today and with that, my employer has said no sick days unless you present a medical certificate. That is too much trouble for just laryngitis!

I have already survived one class – and my next class will be working on writing exercises today, so little to no talking is needed. I am on my online course period in the PM, so that is easy 🙂 No talking required!


However – one problem this morning was encountered on the way to work – HOW AM I GOING TO ORDER TEA AT THE DRIVE-THRU….Oh no’s! 

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