Busy Busy Busy

Good evening!

Yes – it is the evening! Today was a busy, rushed, “go a mile a minute” type day. Dropped Max off at daycare, and zoomed to the school. I then taught my first period class. After that was prep time where I had to do too many things. Then another class and boom! Work day was done!  My plan was to go to the gym and get a treadmill run in, but I had to do some errands instead. Boourns! I am going to try and run tomorrow. After errands, it was time to pick up Max – then zoomed back home, made dinner, played a little and tada! Bedtime routine time. About an hour later I am at my desk getting to start the “second shift” of work time. I have some lovely final projects to mark tonight.

school work

school work

My days usually go back fairly quickly. Because computer time is scarce – when I am on the computer I am doing things a mile a minute. Another further complication is the fact that my grad school course has started up again. This time it is an interesting course and NOT program evaluation (yay!). I’m hoping that it will be a more stimulating course. I am not happy that there are lots of group projects though. Because I am a “virtual student” for Fall/Winter semesters this year, I do not go to a classroom and I do not know the people in my class. This makes group work really annoying! But in my grad program, group work happens in every class, so I’m a bit used to it.

photo that I took while writing a paper last semester

photo that I took while writing a paper last semester

So while I was looking at the course online classroom, I saw that the prof has assigned us a small paper that is due on Saturday. We were just allowed into the online course on Monday – yeah, thanks for that one. Guess I am going to spend tomorrow night writing that one. Luckily it is small!

Well – time to get going on stuff – Have a great evening!

How was your day?

Do you have to do work at home too? 


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  1. Jade

    Dang, you are a busy lady! I work a little from home, but it’s only 10 hours a week and it’s my only actual “work” besides my internship and graduate school so it’s not bad! I thought group work was hard enough in my program and we see each other each week!


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