It is one of those frigid, sunny days that just makes me hate winter.

This is the current weather condition in Ottawa as of 11:20am:





and yes it sure does feel like it is -23 out there. It was -21 actual temperature when I left for work this morning.

Other than skiing and tobogganing, I pretty much dislike everything else about winter. Having to wear boots and jacket, winter hair, and slushy socks are annoyances to me right now. Well I no longer get slushy socks thanks to last year’s Sorel Boots purchase. But still – ahaghjghjadfghakj!!!

Why am I smiling??!! I don't know....

Why am I smiling??!! I don’t know….

For those who still go out on your runs outside during these days – I applaud you. I *have* run on days like this, but I would rather not. I am patiently waiting for spring to arrive when it feels so good to go on a run when it is just starting to warm up.

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. Jade

    I kind of love everything about winter except the harder to run outside part. I love nordic skiing and just feeling tough for surviving it 🙂 I definitely prefer it not THAT cold though!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Hubby LOVES nordic skiing – he wishes he could go more often (he hasn’t been out once this year)


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