Gym, Mr. D and dinner

Just a quick post as Mr. D is on in about 20 minutes? Do any of you watch Mr. D? (It is on CBC in Canada for my non-Canadian friends). For those who haven’t heard of the show, it is about a “abnormal” teacher who teaches at a private school. It is based on the lead actor’s (Gerry Dee) comedic routine. Gerry Dee was a teacher for many years and although the character of Mr. D is over the top – some of the things that happen on the show are bang on. Last week’s LOL was guest, Russell Peter’s character saying “Lesson plan? Who actually writes Lesson plans?!?!” – it is funny because it is true.



Anyhoo – today’s workout was a short one at the gym. I did 2 miles on the bike and .5 of a mile on the treadmill. I didn’t too much because, as a true champ, I forgot my towel and didn’t want to get too sweaty. But at the same time, I had only about 30 minutes to work out, so I didn’t have too much time. I will go back tomorrow and do a bit more + some strength training.

Afterwards I picked up Max-a-doodle, made dinner (Pasta with leftover roast chicken, veggies and Alfredo sauce), did some laundry, played with Max and now writing! Like normal weekdays, the time is going by way too quickly! I’m also realizing that fitting all this stuff = many more bags at the door in the morning (+ a Max!)



Alrighty – time to go downstairs and get ready for a lil Mr. D!

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  1. TorontoRunner

    It’s almost the end of the world for me if I forget my towel going to the gym..i sweat sooooo much that I wouldn’t know what to do!! ha!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I was super mad haha 🙂

  2. Jade

    Max is such a cutie pie! I would probably just blow it off if I only had 30 minutes for the gym-props to you for getting a workout in!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Unfortunately 30-45minutes is all I get for work out time – yay parenting 🙂


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