Monday Mayhem

Good evening!

As you may have realized – Monday evening posts happen when I am crazy busy all day and don’t really sit in front of my computer until the evening.  This is especially true on exam Monday when I have an exam to supervise. This morning started a wee bit early as Mr. Max woke up crying at 6am.  So while Daddy took a shower, Max stayed in bed with me and played with the iPod for a bit. Poor guy is growing another tooth and was a bear all day!  I am preparing for being woken up tonight as he tends to wake up screaming when his teeth bug him.


Today was spent supervising an exam, marking that exam and then starting to create report cards. Which meant I had to spend too many hours in front of the “windoh’s” computer



After work, I went to the gym to do a quick 1 mile run (8:55 pace) and some upper body weights. Saw many of the regulars there, including a friend of mine. It is kind of funny – when I get there, I am usually one of the few on the treadmill, but as soon as I leave, the government  workers come into the gym and almost every treadmill is taken!



Unfortunately gym time was short as I had to book it to daycare because as you can probably tell, we got a bit of snow today!  It is supposed to change over to freezing rain tonight – greeatttt. Just what I love!  The snow I can deal with, freezing rain is just nasty!  Here is the view outside my office today:


Speaking of offices, I am moving downstairs on Thursday where I have no windows *sigh*. I will miss my lil office that backs out onto the Ottawa River path!

Max and I had some leftover pasta for dinner and then he went promptly to bed. He was tuckered out!  I am not about to start a twitter party chat with Starbucks! I am also about to have a David’s Tea and eat this:


Hope everyone has had a good day!

Did you work out today?

If you were a danish, what danish would you be?

Is it snowing where you are at?


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  1. Jade

    I think I would be a blueberry danish. Oh my gosh, that thing looks gooood!

  2. Sunnie@ModernGirlNutrition

    Max is so cute! And it’s not snowing here, but definitely cold!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Thanks 😀

  3. GiGi Eats Celebrities

    Can you believe that I have NEVER eaten a DANISH before in my life. I don’t even know what they taste like AT ALL… But… I think if I were one, I would want to be the tastiest kind and in my mind, that would include cinnamon sugar and maybe some apple flavor (no chunks of apples though, not a fan of chunks, lol). Oh and there needs to be some vanilla frosting or something, lol!

    Is this some weird, twisted way of me complimenting myself… Saying that I am extremely sweet? LOL!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      oh my goodness! Danishes are so good! They kind of remind me of a teeny piece of pie – with frosting!!


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