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Most of the blogs that I read have similar topics to the title of my blog: running (or fitness), food and parenting. I am not the only one that seems to really like food and running 🙂 Personally, I believe the two go hand and hand. You cannot run efficiently without proper eating! But – unlike other running/food blogs (which I think I will call funning blogs?!?), I rarely post pictures of everything I eat in a day.


Well for one thing, I am a bit lazy in terms of using my cameras (yes – plural). Sometimes when I am totally meaning to post a recipe or something, I dive into my food before I bother to take a picture (my post on Strathmere is a good example of this!).

Example of bad food blogging

Example of bad food blogging

Another consideration is that I tend to not eat the pretty, photograph-ready foods. Most of my lunches consists of re-heated leftovers – and no one wants to see a picture of last nights spaghetti! Or lunch is just boring (wooo sammich and carrot sticks……). All the power to my food blogging friends who work from home and get to have real lunches – but I am just a paper bag princess. Ok – no paper bag, I have a nice lunch bag with flowers on it.

My lunch the other day - notice the pudding

My lunch the other day – notice the pudding

One last issues with me being a food blogger – I tend to not eat the same foods as all of you. I love my carbs (pasta = heaven), I love pudding, and I also am known to stop at McDonalds for a Big Mac. Ok – I don’t eat like that every day – I do eat my veggies and *most* nights our dinners are healthy. But, still I sometimes notice the lack of pasta in peoples diets and that just wouldn’t work for me 🙂 I am also very fortunate that I have zero food allergies and only a small intolerance to certain foods (eggs/dairy), so small that I usually ignore it and eat the bad food anyways. Case in point – I decided to eat Gabriel’s pizza tonight – and promptly got a tummy ache…

Here is what I ate today:

Breakfast – Coffee, granola cereal with milk, tea

Lunch – Pasta, Couscous salad (homemade), water

Dinner – Pizza, water

See – little heavy on the carbs today – I should probably eat some carrot sticks while watching Grey’s…..


Today’s workout included running a 9-minute  mile – and some weights. Only had 30 minutes, so I did what I could


What are your favorite foods?

Are you a lunch bag person? Or do you get to make your meals?

Do you like pasta as much as I do?

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  1. Jadr

    I am not a food Blogger either but I do love food so I include it on my blog 🙂 Yes I love pasta a lot! I usually have to pack a lunch but my hubby gets our leftovers and I usually have salad or something boring.

  2. Erin

    Yes! I love pasta (and food) too. But, I don’t include it on my blog because I love running more!!!


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