Three Things Thursday: Breakfast Foods

Inspiration for today’s Three Things Thursday was right in front of me: breakfast! ¬†Although I could easily just write BACON BACON BACON, in reality I do not eat bacon for breakfast everyday. Also, I typically eat my breakfast when I get to work. I am not a big fan of breakfast, so I find that I have to wake up a bit before I can eat. I also sometimes get a wee bit sick with certain breakfast foods. Although an omelette is an easy and healthy breakfast option – it is a one way ticket to pain-land for me.

Three Things Thursday: Breakfast Foods edition

Three of my favorite breakfast foods:


1) Granola cereal with milk

I love granola cereal. It is super tasty, so tasty that I could easily eat an entire box. When I am feeling like a different breakfast, I have yoghurt instead of milk.


2) Bacon and Egg McMuffin

I do not want to know how much bad stuff is in one of these bad boys, but I love love love the bacon and egg McMuffin. It has to be bacon though – not sausage. I had one of those last year (someone said the sausage McMuffin was labour inducing, it was not) and swore that I will never have one again!


3) The plain ol’ bacon, scrambled eggs and hashbrowns

This is a breakfast meal that I do not eat all that often. But it is one of my favorites. I like to enjoy a generous helping of bacon, scrambled eggs with a dash of salt and pepper and hashbrowns with a nice layer of ketchup. Yummy Yum!


What are your favorite breakfast foods?

Do you like breakfast? Is it one of your bigger meals of the day?

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  1. Jade

    I eat oatmeal every single day. Love it, breakfast is my favorite!! I can’t do bacon in the morning though, really it is just oatmeal for me.


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