Wrapping up

Evening folks!


Just sitting here, sipping some tea and procrastinating! Such fun! At 10, I am going to wrap myself in a blankie burrito and watch Parenthood!

Today was slightly busy only because the water heater people arrived at 11:30 to fix the water heater. Since I only work part time, and today was one of those days that I have a big gap between classes, it worked. Otherwise I may still be washing my hair under ice cold water.  The fix was an easy one and we now have hot water again.  Thank goodness!

Speaking of working part-time – that is all coming to an end in a week. Well “officially” I think is more like it. I generally do stay at the school all day long even though I’m only being paid part-time. I have lots of work to do – so I’ve been sticking around. But, since it was made officially today – I can share on here that I am back to full-time work starting next Friday. I am switching roles and going back to being a special education teacher. Which means I really really won’t talk about my job. But also – it means that I will be extra busy now with full-time work, grad school, writing and oh yea, Max!



So after all this stuff today – I did not make it to the gym 🙁  BUT I am going tomorrow. I already placed my gym bag at the door so I will remember to bring the bag and head out tomorrow after work. The plan is to do some cycling tomorrow – what do you all have planned Nevermind – daycare is closed tomorrow…..so no gym for me 🙁 Insert swear word here —-> _______

I still saw a few runners out running this morning (yes it is still very cold) – and I read that Kristen and Marlene did too!  Funny – in all my twitter and blog reading – it seems that people who live in colder climates are doing everything to run in the cold!  I’m seeing so many people in the south on the treadmill – why!?!


Winter scene

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  1. Jade

    Full-time work sounds like a good thing right? Especially when you’re already working more than part-time without the pay! Congrats. Glad the water heater is fixed!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      It is! Just makes things a bit more stressful – But we could use the extra $$

  2. Melanie

    Ugh I can’t imagine icy cold water when it’s so, so cold outside! Glad it’s fixed! And congrats on full-time – that’s awesome (even if it means more juggling than usual)!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Thanks 🙂


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