Bread Pudding

After Sunday’s bread baking experience, I realized there was no way that we were going to eat two entire loaves of bread. Because one of the loaves broke in the pan, I decided to set it aside to make bread pudding! I’ve never had bread pudding before, but since it is essentially french toast, I figured it must be good!

I used an adaption of Chef Michael Smith’s Bread Pudding recipe from Chef at Home.


– About 2 1/4 cups of milk

– 3 eggs

– a dash of Cinnamon

– a pinch of nutmeg

– a dash of vanilla extract

– stale bread cut up in cubes

– a handful of chocolate chips (you are supposed to use raisins, but I had zero on me and besides chocolate chips are better)


1) Cut up the bread and put it in a bowl with the chocolate chips

2) Mix together the eggs, milk and spices.

3) Pour the mixture over the bread and sit for 15 mintues

4) Put in a 350 degree oven and bake for one hour















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