Not a Food Blogger Part II

Evening everyone!

Today was a busy day as usual – but I wanted to go to Costco after work, so I hurried to daycare after work and we went shopping! Costco is a slightly dangerous place to shop at. I go when I run out of certain items that I only buy at Costco (dishwasher soap, garbage bags, paper towels) which isn’t that often. I would say that I only go to Costco 3-5x a year. I ran out of dishwasher soap and paper towels, so a trip was needed! Costco is dangerous because I always find other things to buy: namely yoga pants ($20 – and I love them), lunch snacks, Jack’s Special Salsa, and anything new I find. Today was no different and once again I had to put things back on the shelf.  Today’s haul included: paper towels, dishwasher soap, Bounce, Brookside Dark Chocolate covered snacks (oh my sooooo good!), popcorn kernels (I pop my own popcorn), a workout sweater, a workout top, Jack’s Special Salsa, and an iPad keyboard (for way less than what I’ve seen).

photo 2

Max is so impressed…..

Also – It is Tim Horton’s Roll up the Win time – pretty much the only time of the year when I actually go to Tim Horton’s on purpose. For those who do not know: Tim Horton’s is a large (some would say super-sized) coffee shop franchise in Canada. Tim Horton’s are everywhere and it is a bit of a Canadian stereotype  Roll up the Rim is when you finish your coffee, roll up the rim at the top and see if you have won a prize. Prizes range from donuts and coffee to cars! So far I am 1 for 2. Today’s win was a donut – Sprinkles here I come! Speaking of Roll up the Rim, there is a funny story. So a few years back a bunch of colleagues and I were arguing that RUTR time happens only once a year, in the spring. My friend was saying that it happened twice a year. So we argued and argued, I said that perhaps they were getting mixed up with McDonald’s Monopoly, but we couldn’t agree. So – my friend dials up the local Tim Horton’s, asks for the manager and when the manager comes on the line says “Hello, I have an inquiry. Does Roll up the Rim happen once or twice a year?”. We all started laughing. The manager confirmed – once a year. HA. I’m pretty sure that if you are not Canadian you probably don’t find my story funny, but I’m laughing!

photo 1


Ok – so Not a Food Blogger Part II

In my daily blog reads, I read Running with Spoons‘ post on food blogging pressure. Basically she was saying that there is pressure from readers/other bloggers to always post healthy foods that you eat that are not boring meals. Pressure can come from other bloggers, but also readers who comment on what a blogger eats. I commented on the post saying that I do not post everything that I eat in a day as sometimes I do eat McDonalds (gasp!!), and the only real pressure that I do face is making sure that I present nicely done photos as I’ve heard that nice pictures is important (well that and I should be using my expensive DSLR!). Running with Spoons commented back saying that perhaps I should blog about everything that I eat, including the McDonald’s as the blog world needs a bit of reality that not every one eats super healthy all the time.

So here is my “Not a Food Blogger” Part II Discussion.

First off, I do not have the time to photograph everything I eat. I work a full-time job and I have a toddler. I do try and photograph any new meal ideas that I have in order to share recipes, but I’m not about to photograph something that I’ve already done (aka tonight’s fajitas). This is not a “what I ate” blog, nor will it ever will be. I like to share my recipes, that is it!  I really do not think that you guys are interested in the fact that I had a wrap with roast chicken yesterday and a fajita today (essentially the same thing . I do commend the bloggers out there that do this full-time. I get many of my meal ideas from them (Sweet Potato and goat cheese is a go-to side now thanks to Fitnessista) and enjoy browsing through interesting meals. I also appreciate any restaurant reviews! BUT, I would say on average, I do just skim through the “what I ate” part on other people’s blogs. Many of the big bloggers, blog full-time as their jobs – and even they have commented that it takes quite a bit of time to accomplish the task of taking pictures of everything – and that there is pressure from everyone!  If a blog is your main source of income, I would think that blogging would take up 6-8hrs (or more) of your time. Blogging is not a source of income for me. I’ve made $8 so far (LOL’s) and received a few products. This is a hobby for me, not a job. Again, this is not a ‘diss’ for anyone that does document all their good eats – it just isn’t for me.

So yes, I do love some “unhealthy” foods. I love burgers. I’m not talking about a beef patty with toppings on it and no bun. If I am going to have the burger, you can bet it is going to be the whole nine yards: burger, toppings, cheese and bun (suddenly I am hungry). I eat pudding almost every day for my lunch dessert. I love pudding and the caf lady keeps up her supply just for me and one other teacher who also orders pudding every day (and he is super athletic/a personal trainer). It is a bit of a running gag. A few weeks ago the caf was shut down for a week because of exams. My friend and I protested that we were going to go on pudding withdrawal (we survived). We have all seen my tweets/instagram pictures of Egg McMuffins, so you know those bad boys are my friends too. I also like sprinkled donuts from Tim Horton’s. Yes, I am aware that makes me look like I am 5, but just to be honest I also have my hair in pig tails right now. So maybe I am 5…..

To be clear – I do not eat bad every day, nor do I go to McDonalds every week. I don’t (I swear!). But – I am not afraid to eat a carb, nor am I going to take it easy at the Froyo bar. I would say that I eat healthy most of the time – as I have said before I rarely eat frozen processed food, I make many things from scratch and I am not afraid of veggies. I do have some food sensitivities, but nothing too severe. Sometimes the quiche is certainly worth the 2-hour tummy ache after.

I like my food and I’m not afraid to eat it!

If that makes sense…

disney 100



Reminder: The Canada Army Run Registration opens tomorrow!! Sign up soon as this race WILL sell out. I will be running the half-marathon – come join me!!

Thoughts on today’s post? Leave a comment!

What are some of your guilty pleasure foods?

What do you think of the blogging pressure (since most of you blog)

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  1. beka @ rebecca roams

    I don’t post EVERYTHING I eat either! I try to live by the everything in moderation rule. It’s ok to have that pizza/burger/chocolate – but don’t over eat. I am not a “foodie” in the sense of seriousness but I do love to eat. I try to keep my weekly eats relatively healthy and post a few pics here and there – everyone’s diet is different and I’d hate for someone to try and mimic mine and then blame me for any issues. I always try to make sure there is a disclaimer somewhere and I usually offer pretty neutral common sense advise when asked.
    French fries and pizza are my biggest pitfalls. L-O-V-E.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I would agree with someone mimicking and it not go so well – I am not a dietician/nutritionist, so I try and not give any advice at all – just sharing 🙂 I love fries and pizza! So good. I might be eating some pizza for lunch tomorrow 🙂

  2. Nicole

    Oh that happens to me all the time at Costco! That place is evil! Have to go there this weekend and I’m sure it’s going to set me back a lot of money. I don’t even go too crazy with all the extras.

    That’s kind of ridiculous that there is pressure put on bloggers to photograph every single meal! I saw unless it is your bread and butter than don’t worry about it!

    Sometimes I feel pressured to write about running all the time since that’s what my blog originated as but it’s my blog so I can write about whatever I want to!! I’ve even considered changing my blog name but that just seems like too much effort!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      haha – I know right now I am not writing about running much. But the truth is, I rarely run at this time of year (hubby is busy every day with work + I hate running on snow and ice). Soon the running posts will pop up again. But I agree – my post = my rules 🙂


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