Running Gear: What I use


Nothing is more fun than shopping for running gear. Well, maybe stationary shopping….

But still – I would rather buy running gear than nice clothes most of the time. So here are a few selections of running gear that I use that you may like:

1. MEC Elan Shorts



These are my “racing” pants. They never ride up, make the bum look good and has a back pocket and reflective stripes.  The pocket is big enough for a small snack and an iPod.  Plus these rad-looking shorts are currently on sale!

2. Sweaty Bands


I love these headbands. I have a couple of headbands – including one in my school’s colours.  They do not slip and keep all my hair nicely tucked. There are a variety of colours and styles. Take a look for a sweaty bands shop at your next race expo!

3. LuLuLemon All Sport Bra

It is comfy, it is stylish (so important…….right?), and I do enjoy the crossback design of the stripes

4. MEC Logic Sunglasses


I’ve had these sunglasses for years and they are still in perfect condition. With the rubberized ear pieces, the glasses do not move while running. This is crucial to me as I really hate when my regular glasses jump up and down while doing any sort of physical activity. Plus I feel I look extra spiffy in them.

5. MEC Nyx Short-Sleeved T-shirt


Clearly, I am on a bit of a MEC kick – but I do love their stuff! The MEC Nyx shirt is breathable, fits well and doesn’t chafe. They also have a tank top version!  These shirts are on sale right now too – for a steal of a price!

That is what I wear on a regular basis while running – what do you wear? Any suggestions that you would like to share?

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  1. Jade

    Everyone always talks about sweaty bands. I think i need some!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Yes you do! 🙂


    I wear tights (FILA – from Kohl’s), a stay warm shirt (Nike – from Marshall’s), sunglasses (cheap ones from Marshall’s), North Face hat ($4 from the University Bookstore on clearance… can you believe that?!), and little gloves (from Target). Gotta stay warm! 🙂
    I, too, think I need a sweaty band. When I’m at my race in March maybe I’ll splurge!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      What a deal for the North Face hat! Sweaty bands are not too expensive – and they usually have some sort of deal at race expo’s!

  3. Brittany

    Running gear is soooo key, hence my comment about judging other runners wearing gear that could potential harm them..think SHOES! Shoes are my biggest concern, I need a proper shoe. Next would be comfortable pants that wick away sweat, no particular brand just something that doesn’t show that nasty sweat! Shirts and jackets need to be tech material and LIGHT weight. NO cotton for me these days!! I do like headbands and ear warmers with gloves on occasion too. I’m really not picky about brands, just something that is efficient.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Totally agree re: shoes. I’ve seen people running on the treadmill in some weird “running shoes” and I think to myself “how are you not hurting?!?”

      Haha, I cannot wear cotton either! It is tech material for me!


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