Save the Cheese Curds!

Today the Ottawa area was rocked with news that the beloved St. Alberts Cheese Factory was on fire. It was (well is as it is still on fire as I type this) a huge fire and it looks like production of their cheese products will be stopped for the time being. If you are not from the Ottawa area, you may not *totally* get it, but here it is – St. Alberts cheese makes the best damn cheese curd money can buy. It is made fresh daily, ‘squeaks’ when you eat it – and is mighty fine in a poutine! Most of the poutine trucks (and many many restaurants) use St. Alberts cheese for their poutines! Actually if you try and serve me a poutine with something other than cheese curds, I may tell you that it isn’t poutine! Yes, I am a poutine snob. In our house – we mainly eat their cheddar cheese and have the curds on occasion. Their cheddar is some of the best out there. Anyone who has come over for a shindig (and again is not from Ottawa) comments on how delicious the cheese is when they try it.


So – knowing that P, Max and I all enjoy St. Albert’s cheese – I went on a cheese run this afternoon. I stopped in at the local Metro and purchased four blocks of cheese and one bag of cheese curds. There was tons of block cheddar left – but only a few bags of curds. I thought about taking a few bags, but said to myself that one is enough and others may want some too. So I only took one bag. As soon as I went into line – no joke, one guy comes up to the cheese curd stand, grabs all remaining bags and takes off (he paid for them – he did not commit cheese curd shoplifting). Speaking of the cheese curds – the curds I purchased today were made today. Possibly one of the last batches 🙁



When I got to the cash, the cashier asked “stocking up, I guess?” as he knew what was going on. One customer behind me didn’t realize that the factory was on fire, was shocked when I told her the news and reminded herself to buy some cheese soon!

Not only will the Ottawa area be without delicious cheese – but hundreds of people will be out of work. St Albert’s is a major employer of the tiny villages surrounding the east end of Ottawa. Not only that, but several ‘chip trucks’ use their cheese curd product to make poutine. I sincerely hope that the fine folks at St. Albert’s Cheese Co-op can re-build as quickly as possible. We will miss you.

I may cry a little while eating tonight’s poutine…..


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  1. Erin

    I am not certain if I have ever eaten a cheese curd… but since I grew up only ninety minutes from Wisconsin, I would like to think that I’ve tried one in my life. What a bummer about the factory…. so sad.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      It is a bummer – their cheese is the best! But good news – apparently they have another factory in Quebec that is currently all boarded up. so once they get that factory re-opened, we shall have cheese curds once again!

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