Three Things Thursday

Good Thursday to you all! Hope everyone is doing well and if you are in Ottawa, digging out from yesterday’s storm!


Three Things Thursday!


1. Snow Storm (Number 10?_

We seem to be getting the average amount of snow in Ottawa this year after 3 years of low snowfall amounts. Yesterday’s winter wallop was about 15cm or so, and not the fluffy kind – the heavy, heart-attack snow. Cars were getting stuck, numerous public transit buses broke down or veered off the road, and you can bet the people complained. Hopefully this is the last one!


2. Busy on Tuesday and Thursdays?

If you follow me on twitter (@RebeccaRuns) you may have noticed that I went out on Tuesday evening. I am investigating taking up something related to track and field starting in a few weeks. I will post something when I am a bit more sure. But it was good to be back at the track!  I really have to see if my schedule allows for it. I think it does, but I do have to consider Max related responsibilities. Remember when we could sign up for whatever we wanted 😉


3. Spirit Week

It is spirit week at school next week. Spirit week always occurs the week before March Break and you can bet that participation is mandatory!  The days I am most looking forward to are superhero day on Monday and fashion faux pas day on Thursday. I am glad I get to rock out the batgirl costume again!


Any ideas for fashion faux pas day?

How many nights are you busy in your home?

cantaloupe or honeydew melon?

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  1. Nicole

    I hope we are done with snowstorms for the rest of the year! That’s probably one of the things that I have enjoyed about mat leave (other than being with my baby!)- avoiding nasty weather for the most part. If it’s ugly outside- you just don’t leave the house! Not the case when you have to go to work 🙁 I do think it’s funny that people get angry though- it’s not like anyone can control the weather! I guess it’s okay to be angry at people who refuse to slow down when there is a snowstorm and then cause accidents and delays.

    Hope you can swing the track and field activity! We have run club on Tuesday and Wednesdays. Usually we alternate nights though so we don’t have to drag Audrey. Unfortunately it’s too late for her to be out.

    Spirit week- what a great idea! How about socks and birkenstocks? I can’t wait to see what you dress up as!

    I usually prefer cantaloupe over honeydew but we bought the most delicious honeydew this week. So juicy and sweet!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      My hubby is always busy with his work – I am just coming off of 6 weeks of him not being home until the late late evening, so it is really hard for me to ever get out (even to go to the store). But his schedule tones down a bit, so I’m hoping that I can make it out for a couple of hours on Tuesday/thursdays 🙂


    We are busy 3 – 4 of the 5 nights a week. :/
    Spirit week is so much fun 🙂 Socks and sandals are a good idea. Floods, dress shoes with socks, hmmm… I’ll keep thinking!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I think socks and sandals are going to happen! I will take it a step further and do socks and crocs! ohhh yeah!


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