Week 5: Make Pottery

Morning all!

Week 5: Make Pottery


Ok – so this is one of those “I’m going to have to adjust my plan” weeks. I probably should have been more definitive about what “making pottery” stood for and perhaps looked up the definition of “pottery”. What I wanted to do (really) was make something out of clay.  I do not own a pottery wheel and this week’s Max-sick shenanigans meant I did not have the time to really go to any type of place that would have a pottery wheel anyways. So – I opted to just make something out of clay.

However – I had to do two rounds of this week’s task. When browsing the pottery/clay aisle at Michael’s, I found a cool “make your own tile” kit, which I purchased on Monday. I left the task til Saturday as it was a bit on the messier side of things. First off, on the box it appeared that the ceramic pieces you would get to decorate your tile would be in different shapes and colours. Not so – all I got was about 10 pieces of yellow ceramics in moon and star shapes. Whatever, I thought, I could deal with that (or just paint it later). So then I followed the instructions to make my cement. The “recipe” said to dump 3 cups of water into the cement mix “at once” and stir until it was the thickness of brownie batter. Well – 3 cups of water was way too much! It was too liquidy. Not sure if I stirred it more it would  get thicker, but after 5 minutes of stirring I attempted to put the mix in the mould. Yeah – it was cement soup. SO – Just dumped the ceramic tile pieces in the mix and when it cures, I will see what I have 🙂


After all this, I needed more craft supplies! So like the bad mommy that I am, I dragged sick Max to Michaels yet again where I picked out some clay and a mould. There were many different moulds to choose from, but I thought that the bracelet mould had the most possibility, but also manageable for this novice craft person.


Making things out of clay is as simple as playing with play dough. All you have to do is manipulate the clay into whatever shape you want, bake and it is done!  I tried a striped bracelet first, but it fell apart too easily after the baking process as I needed to press the different pieces of clay together a bit more.


The design that I made was simply rolling out three colours of clay to the thickness of a green bean (sorry, I mean haricot vert).



Then I braided the three colours together and pressed the clay to the mould. Then, I squished the clay flat and played around with the texturizing tools that I had.  Once I felt that my bracelet was ready, it went into the oven for 15 minutes (make sure to read the instructions though – this was the time for this particular type of clay). Done and done!






I do still need to shine it up a bit – but I need some sealant, which I will purchase sometime this week.


But – what to do with all that extra clay?  Make a figurine of course!


I am not really sure what this is – I am going to say it is a dancing haricot vert that is wearing an infinity scarf, tube top and skirt!


You can see blurry Max in the background totally raiding the pantry

I could have a little too much fun making clay figurines!

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  1. mommy

    duh… are you not supposed put max’s hand print in it?????????????????

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      way too watery – it wouldn’t hold

  2. TorontoRunner

    That bracelet is SUPER cute!!! I am so impressed. Love the little figurine too 😀

    1. Rebecca (Post author)


  3. Jade

    Maybe you could fins a paint your own pottery place? Those are kind of cool. I love that you made the figurine!!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Probably! This week wasn’t the week for it unfortunately 🙁


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