Week 6: Bake Bread

Happy Sunday everyone!  I think Max has finally gone to sleep for a bit, so I believe I have *just* enough time to write this post!

Week 6 of 52 New Things

Bake Bread


This week was another kitchen adventure: Baking Bread. We do not have a bread maker at home, nor am I that much of a baker, so I’ve never baked a loaf of bread before. Plus, if I really want some yummy fresh baked bread, I jump in the jeep drive to Orleans Bakery and purchase french bread there. Since I have a KitchenAid Stand Mixer, certain cooking and kitchen tasks are fairly easy now. So, when compiling my list, I stuck ‘bake bread” in there.

Since I am supposed to write about my experiences truthfully and all: It took me two tries to get it right. I also had to run to the store to get more flour!  I tried the traditional Kitchenaid bread recipe that is in my stand mixer book. The traditional method is to dissolve the yeast in warm liquid before mixing it with dry ingredients  When working with yeast: temperature is key, and I do not have a kitchen thermometer  So, I am pretty sure I was a bit too hot and killed the yeast. What happens when you kill the yeast? Your dough does not rise. So, I tried the Rapid Mix Cool Rise bread recipe from the KitchenAid recipe book and this one worked much better.


Essentially all you do is mix the dry ingredients together with some softened butter. Then you slowly add very warm water to “wake up” the yeast. Following that, you have to gradually add more flour until the swirling dough makes the mixing bowl’s sides clean. The process with a stand mixer is really really easy.


After the mixer has done all the dough magic – you have to let the dough rise. A trick mentioned in the book (and by Chef Michael Smith from one of his shows) is to put the dough in the oven. After about 20 minutes, the dough has risen and you have to make it into loafs. This part was pretty easy. I was kind of tempted to make a giant crescent roll and see what happens. Then I put the dough into bread pans and placed them in the fridge for at least two hours. Once the two hours is up: oven for 35 minutes and BOOM, you have bread!






I only have one metal bread pan, so I used my stoneware one too. I did not grease the stoneware one enough, so the bread stuck to the bottom. But, never fear – bread pudding is where that loaf is headed (there is no way I would have eaten two loaves anyways).

Although the process is fairly easy I’m not sure this will be a regular thing (thank you Wonder Bread!). Not only does it take a few hours from start to finish – but the mess was big. Flour everywhere!



Have you baked bread before?

Do you like white or whole wheat bread?

What would you make with a loaf of bread?


p.s. Max woke up as soon as I finished writing this post. SEE I told you!

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  1. Jade

    Your bread turned out lovely! I can’t get into baking bread…I think it is because the dough is not fun to eat while you bake. 😉 That’s my favorite part of baking sweets!

  2. Nicole

    I haven’t made bread before and I don’t think I will unless its gluten free or something. It’s too easy to go to the store and buy it!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Agreed! I think it is nice for a special occasion or something – but not every week. I would rather bake cookies 😀

  3. Brittany

    Whole wheat and sourdough!! YUM! I LOVE BREAD!


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