CW Basketball Alumni Game

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday – I was fairly busy as we were short-staffed in our room (everyone has been getting sick again) and after work there was a basketball game, dinner and a haircut to attend to!

Speaking of the basketball game – it was the current CW team vs. the alumni. It was nice to see all the alumni back, even though they stop by quite often! This was the first year that the alumni game happened, but it will hopefully be a regular thing. I did have to leave the game a bit early (dinner was calling), I believe the alumni beat the current team. Well done!

Max came with me to the game and he spent most of the time looking at the players wondering why they had his ball and chasing the school mascot (no joke). He walked around and said hi to people and went up and down the hallway numerous times. Max also said hi to all of his friends (many of my students know him).

Before the game, a few of the alumni brought a tea for my co-worker/their Volleyball coach. But, he was sick at home so they gave his tea to me. Yay! I do have to say that I definitely prefer no sugar in my coffee 😉 I did let my friend know that I drank his tea, and he was ok with that 😉

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I recently signed up with Netflix since many of you use the service and have said nice things about it. I browsed through the selection and there are many movies and shows that I would want to watch. I saw that “How I Met your Mother” was on and put that on the “must watch list” as I haven’t seen a single episode.

Question for all you Netflix people: How much does it affect your download usage  Especially if you are with Rogers? I have high speed lite and get about 25G each month. I have no plans on upping that. Thoughts? I am going to monitor my use though!

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  1. Nicole

    I’m sure Max had a blast! Sounds like it was a lot of fun!

    All we have is Netflix since we rarely watch TV. HIMYM is one show that we watch a lot! I’m technologically challenged so I might be telling this wrong but I don’t believe you download the movies/shows. We did have to up our Internet bandwidth bc everytime we would watch a show it would stall out and buffer forever. It was so annoying. For us it was worth it since we don’t have any other cable and it has helped the Internet speed on our other devices. We also had to move our wireless router to right by our TV since it was too far away before.
    From talking to the Internet guy it sounds like it varies from house to house. Maybe you will be ok with the lite speed.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      The speed was pretty good when we watched Captain America. I have to replace my router, so it did stop a couple of times – but no buffering. I’m more concerned about data use since Rogers here in Ontario has a cap 🙁 But reading some articles today showed that Netflix changed some settings so that data wouldn’t be *too* much of an issue (unless you download all the time). I’m going to watch and see 🙂

      ugh, wish I could get rid of my cable and just get better internet! Hubby likes his TV 😉 When I was on my own, I just streamed everything and I still got to watch everything I wanted to watch.


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