Chariots of Ice

Today was Day 1 of Spirit week at my school. Today’s theme was ‘Superhero Day’. So I decided to wear my Batgirl costume. Of course, almost everyone forgot that it was superhero day and almost nobody wore a costume. I think only three staff (including myself) wore a costume. Tomorrow is twin day and we have some plans with some staff!


Since we went out for dinner last night – there was zero leftovers for my lunch. So I went to Farm Boy to pick up some salad bar items. I like all forms of bean/lentil salad, so I scooped up a variety of salads along with some marinated salmon. It was yummy! Of course I topped it off with a pudding!


After dinner, it was still really light out, so I figured that it was time to head out for a run with Max (P is working late). I packed Max nice and snug in the chariot. This was his first ride without the infant sling! He was looking around thinking “hmmm, I remember this thing!”. I haven’t charged my Garmin in awhile, so I had to grab my good ol’ sports watch instead. But – it didn’t really matter.



Because my run was just awful. See – unlike some of you were your weather may be cold – here in my neighbourhood, not only do we have the cold, but we have the snow and ice too! My street does not have a sidewalk, so the first little bit was easy. When I rounded the corner on to the main road I found this:


Crappy iPhone photo……

Snow-covered sidewalk! Yay!  actually the part you see above wasn’t that bad at all. I felt the ground slipping beneath my shoes, but it was manageable. This feeling was shortlived because as soon as I was close to the church it became very bumpy on one side and VERY icy on the other. I tried to keep the chariot on the smooth part, but run on the bumpy part. Not idea. By the time I got to the high school, it was just too bumpy to continue, so we turned around. I had to walk up the small hill too – fun times! I ran a total of 2K and it took me about 15 minutes. Definitely not the fastest!


Obviously an option is to run on the road, which I would have done if I did not have Max with me. I am not comfortable running with the chariot right on the road, especially on winter. Hopefully this weekend, Max and I will just drive to the Rideau Canal where the sidewalks are bare so I can get a decent run in. Because you know I have a 5K in less than 2 weeks…..

At least the scenery was nice:


Now I am writing this post and watching the 1994 version of Little Women on Netflix. OH MY BATMAN IS LAURIE?!?!

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  1. Nicole

    We had our own version of Chariots on Ice this past weekend. Seems the winter storm found us. Hope you have better luck on your run this weekend.

    That salad looks great!

    I loved Little Women!! Such a good movie/book!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      hurry up Spring!!!!!


    You’re a rockstar for taking Max out so he can experience the beauty of running (or shuffling along on the ice) in crappy weather!
    I wouldn’t want to take the chariot out on the road either!!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      haha – He likes chariot rides! He gets to see the whole world 🙂


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