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Hi Again!

Stephanie over at Now I Run nominated me for a Liebster Award – so now it is my turn to participate in answering some questions and nominating other bloggers ūüôā


What is a Liebster Award?

The Liebster Award is for any up and coming blogs that you enjoy reading and a great way to promote them!

1. This award is given to new or up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

2. The award is then passed along to other bloggers in the same category to help spread the word and support one another.

3. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.

4. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you.

5. Choose 11 new bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to pass the award to and link them in your post.


11 Random Facts About Me

1. I have not dyed my hair since 2007. I have very few grey hairs, so it is all good.

2. I cannot wear clothes that clash, are wrinkled or have a stain on them. Sometimes it takes me awhile to get dressed in the morning

3. I do most of the blog/website¬†maintenance¬†on this site myself. Although I purchased a skeleton theme – I did most of the customizing myself, including the logos, text/colour changes and all the pages. I used to make my own silly websites when I was a teen using html. However – if anything does happen to my blog, I use a local host who can do troubleshooting for me ūüôā

4. I play the cello, piano, violin, guitar and bass guitar. Cello is my main instrument. I play occasionally with the Kanata Symphony

5. I used to work at the Walmart.

6. I have every all the Smashing Pumpkins albums. I also own the Aeroplane Flies High box set, and the Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness re-release box set. They are also the only band I’ve seen more than once live. However, I never saw the original line-up play together – I’ve seen all of them, just not together.

7. I do not speak any other languages – but I did take Spanish all throughout high school. I would probably remember most of what I learned if I had time to re-read the language.

8. I’ve never broken a bone – but I have had surgery, stitches and staples.

9. I never went anywhere for spring break while in University. Unless you count going to work…..

10. I don’t watch scary movies anymore. ¬†Too many nightmares….

11. I love pasta – all kinds of pasta. Pasta = yum!!!



11 Questions from Stephanie Answered!

1.  What is your favorite breakfast food?
I would have to say…..waffles!
2.  Where would you travel on a dream vacation?
Europe! All over!
3.  How many concerts have you been to? Which was your favorite?
I think 8-10 concerts. My favorite would have to have been the last Smashing Pumpkins concert in Toronto in 2008. Great show!
4.  Where were you born?
Mississauga, Ontario (suburb of Toronto)
5.  What is your all-time favorite movie, book, and/or song?
Movie – Batman/Dark Knight Trilogy
Book and song – don’t have one
6.  Do you embarrass easily? Most embarrassing moment?
It depends. Sometimes, yes I do. But other times I am the class clown and do random things that others wouldn’t do. My most embarrassing moment would have to be any time I got really called out by the teacher in high school (happened a few times).
7.  Did you go to college? Where? What did you study?
Well yes I did. Several actually. I completed my BA at McMaster (best University ever), my B.Ed. at The University of Western Ontario and currently attend the University of Ottawa in a joke of a M.Ed. program.
8.  Do you have pets? What kind(s)?
None here in Ottawa – have a cat at my parents.
9.  What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
PRESIDENTS CHOICE CANDY CANE FUDGE CRACKLE – yes, that did require me to yell
10.  If you could only go to one store for the rest of your life which one would you choose?
Loblaws Superstore – Food, clothes and all your other home needs!
11.  How often during the day do you check your email?
Several times a day. Usually leave my Gmail running
11 Bloggers I would like to nominate:
Questions for you to Answer:
1. What is your favorite Food Network show/host?
2. What do you put on your pizza?
3. What is your preferred brand of shoes
4. Have you ever been on TV?
5. What is one of your biggest pet peeves?
6. Do you have any unusual talents?
7. Do you have a lucky charm?
8. Do you eat lucky charms? Or any other “kids” cereals?
9. If you were a coffee or tea – which kind would you be and why?
10. Have you ever won anything big off ‘Roll up the Rim” – do you even know what that is? It is not rolling the toilet bowl rim or something like that….
11. Do you have any fears?
Good luck!
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    I loved reading this! ūüôā
    Your love for Smashing Pumpkins makes me smile. As a matter of fact, the concert I went to (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Blues Travelers) was in Toronto!!
    I haven’t had that ice cream flavor. Apparently I’m missing something!!


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