The Mayor visits the Robot

Today involved a pretty cool morning.

Here in Ottawa, we have a pretty awesome Mayor, Jim Watson. He is always crazy busy trying to see as much of the city and its events as he can in one day. He barely takes any time off and he really does put some other mayors to shame (*cough* Rob Ford, are you listening?). Mr. Watson’s schedule is jam-packed and booking something with him takes a little bit of patience. However, a few days ago, P recieved an email from his assistant saying that he was going to stop by the practice field for a visit on Sunday afternoon. Being a very busy person – plans are always taken with a grain of salt because he may have something else come up. But – at 9am, I saw on his twitter account (he loves his twitter – and he follows me *I’m cool*) that he was planning on stopping by. So Max and I quickly finished our eggs and toast and went to Kanata.

The mayor was really impressed with the robot – and even took it for a spin! He talked to all the students and was very very friendly. He saw Max at the end, gave him a wave and said he liked his bowtie shirt! ha! Max enjoyed walking around the large area. He walked and walked and walked. He was afraid of the robot at first, but then wanted to play with it. P let him touch the robot and before you knew it, Max had his iron grip on his “new toy”.









I will post my 52 Things post tomorrow evening – things got a bit out of control this weekend!


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    That is incredibly cool that the mayor stopped by! The robotics team at the high school I used to teach at always did such a great job. I’m sure it’s fun to be involved with it. Max is too cute with all of his fancy outfits lately!

  2. Brittany

    This is so cool!!

  3. Nicole

    That’s pretty neat! His bow tie is stylin’!

    And Max has more hair than Audrey! His little curls in the back are adorable!

  4. Sarah @ Feeeding the Brain and Body

    Robots are awesome, that is pretty sweet that the mayor stopped by 🙂

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      It was!


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