Tuesday Track Day

Good Tuesday evening!

It is a short week – so technically the mid-point of the week is already here! Busy day today though since it was Track Tuesday. Track Tuesday involves two track practices for me – one in the morning with my high school team, and one in the evening with the track club (which a large number of my high school kids are involved with anyways). The evening practice with the track club is a new activity for me, right now I am mainly observing and learning from the club coaches. Trying to up my game I guess 🙂 Yes – I may appear to be slightly crazy by adding in more things to my schedule, but it is only for a couple of hours and it is my ‘hobby’.

 photo 1-1

Today’s track practice was fairly simple:

– 5 minutes running warm up and stretch

Then in the weight room:

– 5 minutes cardio of choice, medium intensity (we have bikes, a rowing machine and a treadmill)

– 3 minutes of weights (roughly 3 sets of 12-15 reps) – alternating between upper and lower body weight

We are repeated this 4 times.

Easy peasy (well not really – one kid nearly barfed).

Tonights workout was much longer (2 hours) and involved a warm-up, technical drills and a running workout (6-8 reps of 150m or 200m depending if they were racing tomorrow and/or are a 100-200m runner or 400m runner).

photo 2-1

Track practice ended with a cookie! Yayyy! One of my student-athlete has a wonderful Mom who makes cookies all the time. Her cookies are famous at the school. I may have had three…

 photo 3-1

That is all she wrote! What did you do today?

What was your workout?

Do you watch MadMen? (watching it now)

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  1. beka @ rebecca roams

    Very cool! I wish that I was able to attend a track practice to pick up tips 🙂

  2. Stephanie@nowirun.com

    A day of being at the track… sounds perfect!
    I used to high jump at a meet that was indoors (@ MSU) when I was in HS. The picture you posted of the track made me think of those times 🙂
    The running group in town runs on Tuesday right in the middle of my son’s soccer practices. I’m really considering doing what it takes (which means asking for help ~ never fun ~ and juggling a few things) to make those workouts happen. I think I need it.


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