Week 11: Make my own Sushi!

Good afternoon!

This week’s installment of 52 New Things


Make my own Sushi!


I love sushi – all kinds of sushi: veggie or with fish. It is most delicious and was one of the “you cannot’s” I really hated about pregnancy. If there is sushi available at an all-you-can buffet or a pot-luck dinner – sushi will make it on my plate! However, fresh sushi from a restaurant is always better than the trays you can get at the grocery store. So I figured a good task for my 52 Things list would be making my own Sushi!

First things first – I needed some supplies. Other than cucumber and avocado, I had zero sushi supplies. A stop at my usual grocery store came up short, so Max and I hightailed it to the local Asian supermarket for some proper sushi supplies. Luckily I did – as the sushi rice was half the price at the Asian supermarket!


Supplies I bought:

– Wasabi

– Rice Vinegar

– Sushi Rolling Kit (bamboo mat and nori)

– Imitation Crab Meat

– Sushi Rice

Rice Vinegar is added to the cooked rice and is a really important step according to all the “how to make sushi” websites. Sushi Rice is also really important – normal rice will simply not do! I was very happy to find a sushi making kit at the store for a good price 🙂 I was basically making California rolls – so I did not venture to the raw fish aisle this time.



The first step was to cook the rice. Most say to use a rice cooker – but I do not have one of those, so it was a simply pot method for me. There are some guides that tell you to rinse the rice first – but the rice I used did not need any special care, it was ready to go. I followed the water/rice ratio as listed on the package and gave it about 15 minutes of cooking time. That was easy.

After the rice is cooked – you need to add a dash or two of Rice Vinegar. It gives the rice the distinctive taste of sushi rice!

The next step is rolling!  You grab your bamboo mat and cover it with saran wrap to prevent sticking. You then place a nori sheet on the bamboo mat (shiny side down) and start assembling! You do not need to soak the nori or anything, the rice will take care of that (pretty cool!). The way I did it was put a layer of rice on, but leaving an inch of bare nori at the top. Then it is time to add whatever you want to the bottom third of the rice: for me it was cucumber, avocado and crab meat. I tried to not layer it too thick! After everything is assembled, it is time to roll!






To roll your sushi you hold the ingredients with your four fingers and move the mat with your thumbs. You basically want to roll all the stuffings once and make sure that everything is nicely sealed in the nori. You then continue rolling and seal the nori with that blank 1-inch part of nori at the end. Do not roll too tightly otherwise stuff may come out of the ends.


After your rolling is complete, you need to let the sushi rest for a bit. After about 10 minutes or so, you can cut into it. I cut the bits off the end (and promptly shoved it in my mouth) and used the rest to make my “pretty” sushi. I think they came out very well!  What I tasted, tasted good – but I am saving the pretty pieces for dinner tonight.




It was really easy to make my own sushi – it took less than an hour! If you had a rice maker, it would probably be even easier!

So that is this week’s task!

Next week = Get a Pedicure – ohhhhh yeah!

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  1. Anna@fitgirlwannabe

    Yum! My mom is Korean and we eat things like this all the time but they call it ‘kim-bop’, we put in whatever we want (on a bed of rice of course) =) My fav has: imitation crab, sesame seeds, steamed spinach and steamed carrot and something liked ‘yellow kimchi’, also known as ‘yellow radish’, (oh and a generous sprinkling of salt). Yellow kimchi/radish is sold at oriental stores and comes in a long thick stick- shaped thingie, I dont even know how to describe it! =)LOL It super yummy in kimbop though-has a sort of sweet flavor to it.
    Yours looks amazing-you did a great job!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      That sounds good….especially the yellow kimchi! Loooooove kimchi!

  2. Nicole

    I love sushi!!! I craved it all the time when pregnant. My hubby made it once and while it was good, he wasn’t the same as from a restaurant.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      One of the first foods I ate after having Max was sushi! I missed it so much!

  3. Stephanie@nowirun.com

    The sushi looks great!!! 🙂

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      It was pretty tasty – need to work on the rice though, it was a little el dente!


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