Week 9: Make some Art with Max

Good Sunday afternoon everyone!


Yesterday was a bit chaotic has this was happening:



Yes, paper writing! I had a small essay to write on a piece of technology being used in education. We had to choose from Twitter, Google Drive, Prezi and a few others. Naturally, I chose blogging. I had to read some research about blogging in the classroom, and surprisingly there is a bit! Luckily Max had a good couple of naps yesterday and said paper is finished!

So today we got to do something fun!

This week’s thing of 52 new things is: Making Art with Max, and I chose finger painting!  Max is still in the “hey everything in my mouth now!” stage of life, so something like colouring wouldn’t really work. I chose finger painting because Max likes to dump a couple of drips of milk on his tray and swoosh it around to “make art”. I picked up some Crayola finger paints at the local store and some paper. We practiced finger painting first using a ziplock bag (Thanks Fitnessista for the tips) a couple of weeks ago, but Max was more interested in smashing the bag on his face and making monster noises.

Anyways so, I set Max up in his tray and placed a blank sheet of paper on his tray. Rather than letting him go wild with an assortment of colours, I squirt out only one colour at a time. I showed him how to swirl it around and then he tried. Max seemed to get the hang of it, but of course some ended up in his mouth, opps (yay non-toxic!!).






He decided that his tray needed some colour too


He made two pictures before he got a bit bored. (hey do you like his shiner? Mr. “I think I can run” has been running and tripping into things like crazy *sigh*)







Overall, it was fun. I think Max sees the girls at daycare “make art” quite a bit, so I think it helped him get the hang of it. The Crayola finger paints were non-toxic and easy to clean up. Max didn’t get as dirty as I thought and the paint washed off his hands with just a quick rinse in the sink.


So that is this week’s challenge! Unfortunately I did not think things through when planning this upcoming week as I am supposed to go try a karate class. P is leaving on a school trip on Wednesday, so I will not be able to do that this week. So a switch will happen! Stay tuned for next week’s challenge!

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  1. Nicole

    Oh I love your 52 new things challenge! Great idea! Haven’t tried making art with Audrey yet. Looks like Max had fun and great masterpieces he made. Love the last picture with paint on his nose!


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