Another Winter Storm…

Everyone in Southern and Eastern Ontario is having another winter-weather day. A winter storm filled with snow, ice pellets and freezing rain has caused more headaches today. When I was driving to work this morning, I could see visible sections of ice on the road below me. Even the snow plows thought the winter was over and replaced the plow shovel on the front with the summer street cleaner brushes (whoops). Figures that the snow was almost gone from my backyard too.

Oh well – hopefully the snow will melt over the course of the week considering the weather people have said it will be raining for the next few days. The transportation authority cancelled school buses today – so of course there are only a handful of students here. This was helpful as I had to run a bunch of reports and actually managed to complete all of that.





Friday Bloggers Spotlight

I mainly follow blogs that involve running and eating food – surprisngly there are many people out there who enjoy running and eating food all the time!  Seems to go hand in hand – many are also new parents. I try to read everyone’s blogs on a daily basis using google reader (for now…). In a “BlogSmarter” twitter chat the other night, we were discussing why we read certain blogs and not others. For me, good writing and personality visible in one’s writing are what really pull me to certain blogs.

You can find most of my most read blogs on my blog roll (let me know if you want to be added).  But here are a selection of 5 bloggers for this week’s blogger focus. Please email/twitter message me if you want to be listed next week 🙂

1. The Mayhem of Maven

This blogger (Maven) is absolutely hiliarous. Her blog posts (she write occasionally, is not a daily blogger) really do make me laugh out loud. Her writing is very smart and she really puts humour into every day issues.

2. Rebecca Roams

She is my name-twin – yay!  Her twitter handle is RebeccaRoams, while I am RebeccaRuns :-D. She is from Florida and writes about her races and food 🙂

3. Now I Run

Stephanie lives in Arizona and recently discovered her love for running. She recently completed her first marathon, is a teacher, and now blogs about it all

4. My Neon Running Shoes

Elizabeth and her family have recently been writing about her story – which involves a topic that I see way too often in the students I teach. She is Mom to a very cute little boy, runs, and has recently been told she will be a speaker at the Healthy Living Summit!

5. Running with Spoons

Amanda likes her cereal and isn’t afraid to tell the world about it. She writes really well and takes beautiful pictures. She shares her disappointment with a lack of chobani and Chipotle grill in Canada with me.


So – Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you all have a great weekend planned!

What blogs do you read? Do you have any suggestions?

What do you look for in a blog?

Do you have Chobani where you are from?

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    You are so sweet!
    What a great idea to promote other’s blogs! I’ll be checking out the ones I’m not already familiar with for sure.
    When I’m reading blogs I really look to get to know the blogger. It’s an added bonus if we have something in common (even if it’s remote). I’m also looking to feel something ~ it can be that I’m happy for the blogger, I’m laughing, I’m feeling for them for one reason or another.
    I love yours, I know that 😉


      I just put up a link to your blog on my personal FB page and on my Now I Run page!


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