Saturday Tumble and Run

Happy Saturday!


Today was Max’s first “gymnastics lesson” – a term used loosely since it is more about exploration and trying things out – not actually learning moves or anything. The class was a bit bigger than normal as one of the coaches is sick, so Max’s coach had two groups. It was a little chaotic with lots of toddlers running around and all. Max climbed on things, bounced on the trampoline (a small one) and tried the balance beam. He didn’t really get the whole balance beam thing, but really liked the trampoline – he kept wanted to go back on it.

Afterwards we went home and Max attempted to go for a morning nap. It was more like “lets play in the crib” time. During his alone time – I went for a quick 3K run. I completed the run in 17:50. I kept a quick pace throughout the run, only stopping because of traffic lights (didn’t feel like playing frogger today – kidding). There were quite a few runners out as it was a beautiful running day. The run went ok – definitely felt winded at the end – cardio needs work for sure! My general plan is to build up back to 12-13K before the Ottawa Race Weekend.

Last night I watched a ballet documentary, First Position. It followed young ballet dancers competing in a competition that gives out scholarships and dance company contracts. Great movie (for those interested in ballet/dance). One male dancer, Aran was the cutest ballet dancer I’ve ever seen. Also – my gosh are some of the dancers flexible. As one dancer stated “we do things to our bodies that they shouldn’t be able to do”. The film is available on Netflix Canada if you wish to view it!

This is how much snow is still in our yard 🙁


This little boy decided to steal some pens from my bag, grab my camera bag – then shove the pens into his bag and put the bag on. He then took off.

Smart fella.



See ya later!

Rather than me asking YOU questions – do you have any for me?

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    Were you ever a dancer?
    My son dances… he’s a lot better than he wants to give himself credit for. 🙂

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      No – I wanted to take dance when I was a kid, but my parents said no (my Mom argues that I never said that I did though, haha). However, I did take a few sessions of ballet in university, which was fun!


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