Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Running Mom

It is that time of year again – Mother’s Day!  Are you looking for the perfect gift for your Mom or Baby-Mama? Does she enjoy running?  Well here are some gift ideas for you:

mother's day

Gift 1: Reflective Jacket

We are getting close to that time of year that runs tend to happen in the early morning or in the evening. It is crucial that if you go out for a run at dusk that you wear proper reflective clothing so that cars and other moving objects (bikes, skateboarders) can see you. Why not surprise Mom with a new reflective jacket in her favorite colour? Running Room has a great selection of running reflective jackets in a variety of hues.


2. A sparkle running skirt

Why not?  Everyone needs a good running skirt in a fun pattern. Check out this selection at Etsy. This skirt is from RockCitySkirts, but there are other varieties including tutus and costume ideas for running the Disney Princess Half (or any women’s race)

3. Athletic Sweater

Usually the running type like good quality athletic sweaters – LuLuLemon is always a sure bet. One brand that I am a fan of is Albion Fit. I have a Albion Fit Signature Hoodie and love it. It is comfy, lightweight and looks great.

4. Basket full of Running Goodies

Grab a nice basket, or even a new sports bag and fill it with everything a runner needs: headbands, athletic socks, GU gels, Compression socks, tech shirts – whatever! You can easily fill a nice bag/basket with items found at Running Room, MEC, or any other sports store.

Some suggestions:

– Sweaty Bands Headband

– Pro Compression Socks

– Nuun Hydration Tablets

– Gu Gels

– Running Room Socks

5. Time for a long run

A simple, affordable solution to a Mother’s Day for your running Mom – a chance to go on a long run at any location nearby, uninterrupted at any time of the day. Allow Mom to go whenever she feels like it essentially, no questions asked. When Mom returns, have her favorite post-run meal on hand with a cool, crisp glass of water.


Do you have any suggestions to add?

I will be running the Day Before Mother’s Day race in Ottawa on Saturday – let me know if you will be racing as well. So far I know a number of Moms who will be running the 5K race!

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  1. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    This is a great list! My mom isn’t a runner, so I just sent her some goodies that I know she will like. My dad is a walker though, so even though I won’t be giving him these particular def gave me some inspiration for what to give him in June!

  2. Mom

    Is this a hint bahhhhaaaa ha. What is max getting you????

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Haha nothing – maybe he will share his half eaten food?


    What a cute post idea! I like the reflective jacket and the long run gift ideas!

  4. Julie @ Sweetly Balanced

    I wish my mom was a runner! It would be so much fun! Unfortunately though, she is not and I still have no idea what to get her! I’ll probably take her out to dinner! 🙂

  5. Nikki

    I found you through a Pinterest link the other day – because in the thumbnail, you looked like ME at this year’s St. Patrick’s Day race (I also wore my jacket from the Resolution Run and a green tutu!) Anyways, it’s neat to find the blog of another Ottawa runner. 🙂

    My husband thanks you. He’s been trying to come up with a Mother’s Day gift. 😉

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Green tutus should be mandatory for the St. Patrick’s Day race 🙂


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