National Capitals: Day 1


The track and field team and I have just finished Day 1 of the National Capital track and field meet – step 2 on the way to high school provincials (OFSAA). In this meet athletes need to make the top 5 in their event to move on to next week’s East OFSAA event in Belleville. Students are up against all students in the city of Ottawa and the events start to get competitive.

We left early in the AM to get their in time – we left the school at 7:15am. Our first big event of the day was the 400m Hurdles with Alexia. This event is uber competitive this year, even at just the National Capital level. There are just not enough spots for the level that many of these girls are at. To compare – last year at National Capitals, the top 5 times ranges from 1:06-1:10. Today’s results were from 1:03-1:06. Alexia ran a great race even though she was placed in the slower heat. She PB’d with a run of 64:76 to place third overall. We lined the track to cheer her on and I think it worked.

While the boys were running the hurdles, I heard that a pretty nasty little thunderstorm with hail was on its way to the track. I told to the team that if the storm was bad, we were to seek shelter in our cars. I ended up watching the long jump with a few parents and while talking to them the thunder started to get more frequent and the sky went very dark. I jumped up and ran to the team near the tent and said “shelter now”. We had *just* made it to the car when the sky let out and rain started attacking us from every direction. I had to get the kids in my car, so I still got soaked. ¬†Funtimes!

photo 2

photo 1

The meet continued on after that and the team continued to do great. Nick placed 2nd in the long jump, Jaimee placed 4th in the high jump and long jump. Dylan earned his spot in the Javelin, as did Tommy. They were really happy with their results. Their results equals a ticket on the bus to Belleville next week!

Tomorrow we have another round of athletes competed where three more will try and earn a ticket on the bus!

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  1. Mom

    Nice to hear how excited you are about the team. Now you understand how great dad and I felt when our baseball team did so well. Coaching is in yor genes (21 years for dad ), so keep up good work.

  2. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    Congrats to your players!! Good luck with the rest of the competition!!

  3. Brittany

    AH I like running in the rain when it’s for fun, but I don’t know if I’d want to during a track meet! Makes for an adventure though!


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