Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday!!


Thing #1 – Canadian Track and Field Championships

The Canadian Track and Field Championships are occurring over the next couple of days in Moncton, NB. Lots of excitement as the best in Canadian Track and Field compete. One of the coaches I have been following around at the Lions lately,is there for work (not track related), and I won’t lie and say I am not at all envious. But in the meantime I can live stream the meet HERE. Wish I was there….


Thing #2 –  Yes Google Reader, we know you are leaving

I still have not fully converted to Bloglovin or Feedly yet – I’m literally going to hold out until I can no longer access Google Reader anymore. But, now on a daily basis GR is letting me know that as of July 1st it will cease to exist. Thanks for the reminder, Google! Most likely I will be moving my “reading” to Feedly – mostly because I prefer the iPad/iPhone app over Bloglovin.

I still do not get that move….


Thing #3 – Caught up to Mad Men

I have *finally* watched every single Mad Men episode (Thank you Netflix!). Of course, as soon as I get caught up, the season finale is the next episode. Apparently there might only be one season left too? That makes me a little sad.

my iMac screen

my iMac screen


Do you watch Mad Men?

Are you watching some track and fielding action, either here or in the US?

What do you have as your display screen?

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