What the….. Wednesday

Today’s post is a little different. Karen over at Runner Girl Eats writes a “WTF?! Wednesday” post weekly. I seriously crack up every week as she lists her ‘internet treasures’. Normally, I have nothing to add to WTF Wednesdays as my life is a little boring/I don’t really surf the net for hours anymore (only sometimes).

But today while in the school library, a friend and I came across these treasures.

These are actual books found in the bowels of the library. The librarian is in the middle of clearing out some books. Sadly (thankfully?) all of these books will no longer be on the shelves of the library.

For your viewing pleasure:

WTF Wednesday: School Book Edition


1. What men did before “What not to Wear” 


2. Fashion formula. How to figure out what to wear based on my body! How insightful!




3. Turning TV into a constructive force. May the force be with you? What? What are all those weird line things on the bottom (I am kidding…)


4. How to make pants that fit! And how! All my prayers have been answered. haha – WTF, Knickers?!?! Make my own knickers?




5. Ladies, do you want your man dressed like Donald Draper? Well this is the book for you!





6. Because you know, two working people in a relationship is so not going to work – you need a book to tell you how to be successful! 




7. The fashion bible. Do you want to dress extreme? Dowdy? This book has pictures, so it is totally easy! No wait, I am totally wanting to be aggressively sexy. Look out Angelina Jolie!








8. and Finally: no words can describe this book:





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  1. Mom


    1. Rebecca (Post author)


  2. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    How is that outfit aggressively sexy? I guess my view of aggressively sexy is very different…because I don’t think that outfit is sexy at all. I think it would be conservatively chic by today’s standards! I’m also glad that mentally retarded is being phased out in medical records because the “r” word makes me cringe! What ridiculous finds!

  3. Christina

    This is ridiculous!
    It really throws me off that most of them look like they have been read plenty of times.

    Absolutely agree with Rachel on both the “aggressively sexy” and the “cringing”!

  4. Stephanie@nowirun.com

    Obviously some of those books are ridiculously outdated. Some of us would say that’s unfortunate because the “aggressively sexy” look my sons have to gaze at is much different than it used to be!
    That said, the book about “mental retardation” breaks my heart. So much has changed. What if I had a son/daughter with special needs back when people thought you just “sent them away” or tried to teach them to “be normal.” Sigh.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Yes – aggressively sexy has changed quite a bit!


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