Thing #21 – Go the Museum of Civilization

It has been awhile – but here is another new thing of the 52 New Things list. I have changed the wording so that it is 52 Things over a year, with less of a focus on accomplishing a new task every week – certain weeks it is next to impossible to get certain scheduled tasks done, so rather than adjusting the schedule, I will just do a task as it presents itself.

The next task completed on 52 New Things:

Go the Museum of Civilization


I am not originally from Ottawa, so there are many things around the city that I have not been to yet or have experienced. Blues Fest, Canada Day on Parliament Hill and The Museum of Civilization are all examples of things I have yet to do in Ottawa. Since Max and I are on our own this weekend, I figured it would be a good idea to break the day up and go to the Museum of Civilization in the morning. Note: We only went to the Children’s Museum section – the rest of the museum will come a bit later when Max is a little older.

Also in disclosure styles – I did not receive any compensation (I’ve never been paid for any of my writing on here) nor was I encouraged to write this post by the folks over at the Museum of Civilization: I am simply writing about my experiences. However, in all honesty, I did not pay to go to the museum as I get in for free since I am a Teacher and Max is under the age of 3 so he is free as well. I did pay for parking and two donuts.

Getting to the museum from Ottawa is pretty easy. The Museum (for those who are not familiar with Ottawa) is actually in Gatineau, Quebec but directly across the Ottawa from Parliament Hill/Byward Market. It is very easy to walk across to the Museum from Ottawa and many people walk across the bridge to get to the Museum. We, however, parked at the Museum. We were there for almost two hours and it cost us $7.50 to park. Not bad (and very comparable to other downtown parking). The parking spots in the museum were really small though and I had to adjust my parking job several times as either my front end or back end was sticking out. I noticed other families doing the same thing.






As stated above, I entered the museum for free with the presentation of my Ontario College of Teachers Card (if you are a teacher – go to the Info booth and they will hook you up). The Children’s Museum is easily accessible by the main foyer. When you enter the Children’s Museum you are hit with tons of colour and lights. As soon as we entered Max went “ohhhh whoa!” which is his way of saying “This is cool dude!”.







We passed the Craft area (Max likes crayons, but eats Markers) and went into the Kaleidoscope area where they had a Mr. Potato Head themed exhibit. Max played a bit with the Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads but then went and played. He noticed a car right away and jumped right it. Poor lil guy didn’t understand why other kids wanted in the car too and he had to share. He did slide over to let another boy in and they played together for a bit.





After he tired of that (showing me he was bored by running out), we went to the area that is set up like a Global Village. Here, all the exhibit displays are set up in various countries: Japan, Mexico, Holland, India, Morocco, etc. Each exhibit had manipulative items for kids to play with. I do have to say I was rather impressed by the quality of the exhibits. For example, there was a little grocery stand that had plastic fruit and veggies. When I picked up the veggies, they felt and weighed about the same as a real veg – even Max was tricked as he bit into a tomato. Max liked to dig through the stand and place fruits and veggies on the scale. Kids were running around, touching everything and experiencing everything. Major kudos to the Museum staff who were busy putting everything back into place once the kids were doing playing.













We stayed for almost two hours – but at the 2 hour mark, Max was starting to rub his eyes and get a bit cranky, so we went back. I did use the stroller today (shocking I know) because I was by myself and if Max is going all limp noodle on me, I struggle to get him out of places. He didn’t mind going into the stroller though. There was lots of places to park a stroller – I noticed at the end where the official parking was ;-). I’m glad we left when we did as the Museum was starting to fill up. Sunday morning prior to 11am is pretty quiet though.


We were home in time for lunch. Hungry from all his playing, Max gobbled up his lunch and then proceeded to bring himself upstairs for a nap.


If you would like more info on the Canadian Museum of Civilization, go to their website:  

The Museum is open every day – and is free on Thursday evenings. The price of admission is $13 for adults, $20 if you want to go to the War Museum as well (great museum). For $39 you can become a member of the Museums and have unlimited access to the Civilization Museum and War Museum for a year – great price for a whole year of fun! 

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  1. Amalia

    I love Ottawa.
    It is one of my favourite places, and two of my best friends live there. I was just there visiting.
    I still remember visiting that museum from when I was six or seven and my parents took me and my brother. Its awesome! I’m glad you guys had such a good time.

    One thing I did for the first time two years ago was Canada Day in Ottawa and on Parliament Hill…. one of the best trips I’ve ever made.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I’ve never been to Parliament Hill on Canada Day – one day when Max is a bit older!


    That Children’s Museum looks fantastic! Thank you for this post. It brought me back to all of the times we went to the Children’s Museum in Marquette, MI with Andrew and Gabe. It wasn’t nearly as extravagant, but it was perfect for us at the time. Adorable pics!! 🙂

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Lots to do and touch!


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