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This week, I made the executive decision to find someone to switch bibs with for the Canada Army Run. I was registered for the 1/2 marathon and wanted to switch to the 5K race (there are only those two distances). I found a bib buddy via the Army Run Facebook page and made the switcheroo this morning, thanks Kyle! Since the Army Run sells out so quickly, they offer a bib transfer period for a couple of weeks in August (bib transfer ends on the 25th). This gives people an opportunity to sell, switch or find a bib. All over Twitter, Facebook, and the Running Room Forum are people wanted to make changes to their Army Run plans (for a $15 admin fee). I am not the only one who is trying to switch from the half to the 5K. I just wish they had a 10K option! If you are still interested in running the Canada Army Run – check out the Facebook Page and Running Room Forum and you may be in luck.

So why the switch?

Although I run quite regularly, I have had great difficulty in getting out for those long runs. There is no problem finding the time to go out for a 20-40 minute run, and if P isn’t home I can easily bring Max in the chariot for a run (to a max of about 8K). But long runs take a serious chunk out of my morning or evening, time that I just did not have this summer. First off, I was away many weekends in June, a few in July and a couple in August. Then there is the face that July just sucked all around with summer school, taking a grad class, coaching track 2x a week, and P’s Mom passing away. Too much to do, too little time. Like a few other Running-Mom’s out there, it has become increasingly hard to get out and run lately. Another potential problem that made my decision a bit easier is the fact that I am commuting to school in September. Back in May/June, it was easy to end the school day at 3:15, run til 4pm and then go pick up Max. That isn’t going to happen this September!

I still very much wanted to run the Army Run, so I took advantage of the bib transfer. If I couldn’t find a bib buddy, I was going to run the half no matter what – even if it took me a million years. I am in fine form to run a 5K, and I am going to attempt to PB the 5K. The Army Run 5K course is the same course as the Ottawa Run Weekend 5K, going around the Rideau Canal. I have PB’d twice on this route, so if I get out there and work on my speed a bit more, there is the potential to PB again this September.

So that is that.


Am I disappointed? A bit, but not really?

Am I excited to run the 5K on my fave route again? Heck Yes!

Am I going to run a stellar, kick-butt race? Oh yeah!

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  1. Amalia

    I think its great you’re listening to yourself and what you want and need! Good luck, and I can’t wait to hear all about your PR!

  2. Kristi

    You will get the cooler shirt now! They just posted the shirts on the Army Run’s facebook page and while the half continues with boring black, the 5k gets a new red shirt. I am running the half and my son is doing the 5k – I am tempted to get his shirt in a larger size so I can wear it!!

    Long runs suck up so much time. The thing is, it is not just the run but also the fatigue factor after. I did my long run for marathon training this morning. It is now 5:30 p.m. and I desperately want to go to bed! I think you made a smart choice, otherwise you would be trying to cram in long runs and risk injury.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      The risk of injury was another factor in my decision – I would have to get way higher in mileage way too quickly. Just not worth it, especially with a few more races left in the season!

      I’m excited for the new red shirts – but even the half marathon shirts have a change. All shirts come with reflectors now 🙂

  3. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    Sounds like a good decision! Good luck with your race 😀 Can’t wait to hear all about it!!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Thanks 😀

  4. Brittany

    YAY! So glad you were able to switch, I am SURE that took some stress about the race away. You are going to KILL that 5k!

  5. Ashley @ Life and Fitness

    Sounds like you are trusting your gut with the right decision, which is sometimes one of the hardest things to do.


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