Birthday Time Capsule Fun


This weekend we celebrated a friend’s 30th birthday in Chalk River (about two hours from Ottawa). In discussions about what we should get our friend for his birthday, we came up with the idea of a time capsule filled with things invented in 1983. I managed to get a number of the items at Value Village and a used bookstore. For whatever I could not find – I simply printed off some pictures on card stock.


What was in the Time Capsule:




– Cabbage Patch Kid (mass production start in ’83)

– Picture of Levar Burton/Reading Rainbow

– Stephen King’s Pet Sematary

– A Sweet Valley High book

– Chicken McNugget Box (available nation-wide in ’83)

– A picture from M*A*S*H (went off the air in ’83)

– Hooter’s Picture

– Picture of the first version of Microsoft Word

– A My Little Pony

– Picture of the Carebears (first came the greeting cards, then everything else

– Picture of the first Dodge Caravan

– Note explaining the creation of the Disney Channel

– Apple sticker – with details about the Apple //e

– Star Wars Return of the Jedi picture

We also put some adult beverages in the box for good measure:


A nice BBQ dinner was had at the birthday bash. Yummy BBQ’d ribs, beans, salad and lots of dessert was had. Max really liked his corn on the cob. He has had it a few times before – but now he will start screaming bloody murder if someone has a cob and he doesn’t. I also had my first Pumpkin Ale of the Season!






Hope everyone had a great weekend!


What would be on your BBQ dinner table?

Ice Cream Cake – Dairy Queen or Coldstone or another variety?

Fave beer?

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  1. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    I would have a ton of vegetable skewers, grilled mushrooms, and veggie burgers along with tons of delicious sides if I was hosting a BBQ! I’ve never had a coldstone ice-cream cake, so I’d pick DQ by default. My mom got me a turkey shaped ice-cream cake for Thanksgiving one year because I don’t eat meat. It was cute and funny. I drink Bud Light the most, but I really liked Linenkugel Berry Shandy.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Mmmmmm YUMMY

  2. Kristen

    All of the beers…Nah just kidding. I love a good pumpkin beer, but I think my actual favourite is the St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout and the runner up is Wild Rose Nut Brown. Unfortunately, I can only drink the Wild Rose when I’m back in Calgary…

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I’m hoping to find some St. Ambroise pumpkin beer this year – last year I couldn’t find any! (not that I looked terribly hard – but still!)


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