Max: 20 Months

Whoa whoa whoa, 20 months? When did THAT happen? Max is getting closer and closer to two years and becoming more like a little man every day.


Max: 20 Months Update




Sleep: Same as always – unless sick or teething, no issues. He did have his first big thunderstorm at night experience. He woke up crying, so we brought him to our room where he watched the storm going “whooooaaaa” every time a large crack of thunder occurred. HOWEVER – he is starting to get more fussy when being put to bed. Usually throws a fit, throws things and cries for a bit. But he always settles down quite quickly. Just a phase I think. Max is down to one nap a day unless he is really tired. His afternoon nap can be anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours long.

Eating:  Still picky – He likes eggs, toast, Bear Paws, cheese (omg, don’t say cheese in front of him), ham, hamburger, sausage (same thing as cheese, it is a shhhh don’t say it word), cereal, oatmeal. He does not like a whole pile of other things – but I’m still trying to feed it to him. I have to hide the bear paws….

Teething: Almost done!! WOOO

Crawling/Standing/Walking: Running – lots and lots of running. He is starting to get more brave going down stairs without holding on for dear life and refusing any help. He can climb anything – including the kitchen pantry.
Eyes: Hazel

Playing: He likes to colour, play with his balls, play in the park and play with his cars and minions. Yes – that is right, he has minions. Guess that is also some proof that I’ve taken him to McDonalds (oh no, Bad Mama!). He is really shy when around other kids at the park. A few of the older kids try to play with him, and all he does is stare. But then he looks at them as if he wishes they were his friends. Weird!

Talking: Still not a big talked. We took him to the local Children’s hospital (CHEO) to have his hearing tested and he passed with flying colours. He is getting a bit better – but we will be taking him to a speech clinic in September. Max can say: Mama, Dada (he loves to scream MAMA DADA all day long), Baba, Vroom (means car), ball, cheese, Please, Sure, Sausage, Sasha (track coach – kinda awkward at some times – but he also calls my life sized Sheldon “shaaaa”), yeah, bath. That is about it. As you may notice, there is a trend with those words and a few common vowel/constantants are missing – like N, hence why he can’t say No yet).

Sign Language: Max Points and waves – that is about it.

Weight/Clothing: I don’t know how much he weighs – but he is at the 50% percentile so I don’t really care. He fits into size 18 months clothing. He is very tall for his age – at the 90% percentile. Apparently he looks two.
Personality: Max is a cutie! He is very shy at first, but he warms up rather quickly. If you visit the house, he will want to show you all his toys. He likes to copy whatever Mama and Dada are doing. He is starting to get a bit more feisty – but nothing too big. He is in that stage where he wants to do everything himself.

Current Favourite Things: Minions, Cars, his tools, helping Daddy, water/splash pads, buckets, sitting in cars, washing up, baths, parks, his blankie, music, electronic items, Uncle “Scott McGillivary” and Uncle “Mike Holmes on Homes”

Dislikes: Nail cutting time, having his hair washed, avocado, being held, kisses and hugs

Miscellaneous: We have started with the whole potty training thing. Max had a habit of peeing on the carpet after every bath and thinking it was absolutely hilarious. So I figured that was a sign that he was ready to start peeing in a potty. I purchased a toddler potty that is three stages and has a cushion for a seat. He took to it right away (for number ones) and now “goes potty” before every bath and sometimes in the afternoon. However, as with the “I can do everything myself” stage – he takes it upon himself to empty his pee into the big toilet and flush. But with all 20 month olds, his eye-hand coordination isn’t quite there and loads of lovely smelling urine have been splashed on the floor. YAY!

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  1. Mom

    What is a minion, can I buy him o nr for Christmas. “Playing with his balls”……….


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