Oh the humidity!

I set out this morning to do a tempo run and like a running novice, I neglected to check the weather prior to heading out. It was really foggy this morning and not too hot, so I figured that I would be fine. WRONG – the humidity was at 99% and I was sticky by the time I ran 400m. I still ran my tempo run as I want to get as much runs in as possible before school starts and things get a bit more hectic.

Today’s workout:

4KM Tempo Run

5 minutes easy running (6:15 or around a 10 minute mile)

followed by

3 minutes tempo running (kind of hovering around the 5:00 mark or around the 8:00 mile)

repeat 2x

500m cool down after


I was a sticky mess on this run. I wasn’t necessarily “sweaty” but more sticky, jam-hands style. Gross! Legs felt fine though. But my lungs kept gasping for air.

I finished the run in 25:17 minutes.


Monday: Steady Run 3K

On Monday I did not have all the time in the world, so I just completed a 3K steady run. My average pace was 5:42 (9:10 mile) and I completed the run in 17:05. I would have been done a bit faster if I didn’t get the traffic lights both in and out of my running route. ┬áIt was fairly hot and sticky that day as well – but I think I was a bit more comfortable. At my turnaround point, some of my former students yelled Hi at me, which was a little awkward – but I’m kind of used to running with them anyways. There isn’t a run where I don’t bump into someone I know!


Upcoming this week:

No races are scheduled for me this week – however I am considering running in the MEC 5K at Mooney’s Bay the following Saturday. It is only $15 and not too far away. Might try and convince P to come out and run too. I want to use that race to see if I can dip closer to the 26:00 5K mark. I’m getting closer and closer to being able to stay below 5:30 per KM (which is big for me), so I’m curious to see what my pace would be like in a race setting. I haven’t run a flat race course since May – so I’m really wondering what will happen in the next few weeks!


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