Running Gear Love

While I was teaching summer school in July, my class and I started talking about our clothing budgets and how much we spend on clothes. I explained how the outfit that I was wearing only cost me about $20. I spent $4 on my cardigan, $15 on my skirt and $2 on my t-shirt (Thank you, Old Navy sales!). But then I remember that I was going to track that night and was going to change outfits. I came to the realization that the outfit I had planned was probably purchased at over $150.



So yes – I do tend to spend a bit more $$ on my workout wear rather than my every day clothes. BUT – I do not shop at Lululemon all that often. Generally that particular store will receive some dollars on my birthday, Mother’s Day and maybe just before a race. It is a really good thing that it takes a trip to get to a LuLu – if I would frequent it more, I think I would have a problem πŸ™‚ BUT – I do sweaty, hard working activities in my workout wear, and I enjoy purchasing clothes that will last, but also be comfy/work well at the same time.

I made up a list of running gear that I have been using lately. I did not recieve any compensation of any kind to write this post. If you do want to send me free clothes – go nuts! You know where to find me….


Running Gear Love



1) Ta ta Topper shirt by lululemon

Generally I do not like shirts with built in bras. I prefer heavy duty, well-supported bras and I have found that the build in ones just don’t fit me right. Either the bra section is too tight or the straps are too loose. lululemon developed a shirt for my kind of people – a top sans built in bra. The Tata Topper comes in various colours and a few different forms. I picked out a orange-red top that you can adjust at the bottom to your level of tightness around the hips (another issue for me).



2) Race Belt

I’m not sure whose blog I read about race belts originially, but what a great item to have when you are running a triathlon! Race bibs must be worn on the back during the cycling portion and on the front during the run. If your race only gives you one bib – you would have to switch your bib placement in transition – not something you really want to do. So, people created the race belt! I purchased mine at my triathlon and it worked well. It was adjustable, was lightweight and was exactly what I needed. It made the bib switcheroo a snap



3) Honey Zinger Gummies

I have a fairly sensitive stomach, especially in the morning. I have difficulty eating first thing in the morning, and it is amplified on race day. So, any foods that I do not mind eating are put on my race week shopping list so I Β can have my fave race foods on hand. One race/energy food that has made an appearance at almost every race is Honey Zinger Gummies. They taste just like gummy bears and do not aggrevate my stomach – double yay! I tried another brands gummies during my triathlon and they did not compare! Honey Zinger Gummies are not too sweet, not chewy and are a bit addicting to eat.


4) A rolling pin

That is how I roll…..

I’m hilarious! But in all honesty, rolling out sore muscles works for me. Whenever I have a bad case of the DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness), I simply roll it out and ice it. Like magic, the next day I am feeling much better. But, keep in mind this works for me, and possibly not for you. If there are big issues with something really hurting while running, see your doctor!


5) iPod Shuffle

Normally, I do not run with my iPhone. I tell P exactly where I am going and how long I shall be when I go out for an evening run. During a race situation, if P is there, I do not bring my phone with me as well. I have brought my phone to races where we have to meet up after or I’m alone. But in general, I dislike bringing my bulky iPhone on runs. Actually, for 90% of my training runs, I do not run with music. Even some races I do not use music (I will be for Army Run though). So – when I do run and want to listen to some tunes, I use my iPod shuffle. It is super tiny and clips to my shirt (no iPhone band needed!). Since I have a set amount of songs I like to listen to for a 5K, the storage size is fine. Adjusting the volume is also extremely easy. Whenever I’ve had to use my iPhone, I struggle with my iPhone band. The only downside of the iPod shuffle is no screen!

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  1. Cecilia @MommiesRun

    I love that ta ta topper! It looks super cute on you. I shop the “we made too much” page on lulu. I rarely buy anything full price but I love their clothes!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I’m the same – rarely pay full price, I always check the sales rack or the ‘we made too much’ section. I did pay full price for my latest purchases though!

  2. Nicole

    I probably shouldn’t tell you that Lululemon has free shipping… although for returns unless you want to be charged you have to go into the store. This is part of the reason why I have so much lululemon! I definitely spend more on workout gear than regular clothes but it’s so worth the investment.

    I only wear my race belt for triathlons. For road races I just pin the bib to my shirt. Since I always wear a water belt it annoys me having 2 different belts around my hips and waist.

    Honey Zinger gummies- I don’t think I have heard of them.

    We used to use our heavy marble rolling pin until we bought a foam and Stick roller. Lifesaver for sure.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      The gummies are called ‘chews’ apparently – but they are yummy! I get them from my local Loblaws

      haha – I know LLL has free shipping, but I choose to ignore that fact πŸ˜‰

  3. Alicia

    Love that top!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Thanks πŸ™‚


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