New Kitchen Floor

Hi All!

Since things have been fairly hectic over the past few weeks, I have failed to write a post about the new floors we installed in the kitchen. Previously we had these awful tiles that were so poorly installed that crumbs and other assorted kitchen mess would get into the tile’s grout area and could only be taken out by a vacuum. That, and the floor was just ugly!

You can see the old floor here - and yes those crumbs certainly did get in the cracks!

You can see the old floor here – and yes those crumbs certainly did get in the cracks!

The material we decided to go for was a luxury wood vinyl. Waterproof and durable, it is the kind of flooring that looks like wood, but isn’t. A couple of weekends ago, my parents were in town, so my Dad helped P tear up the tile floor while my Mom, Max and I went shopping for toys (Max had just broken his leg).





The floor was pretty gross underneath, so the subfloor was taken out. Last weekend, we hired two helpers – one for floor installation help and another to help with Max. It took all day Saturday, but the floor was completed fairly quickly. The subfloor took longer than the tile did!



Max likes his new floor! He also really liked “helping”


So, what do you think of the new floor?

What type of kitchen floor do you have?

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  1. Nicole

    The new floors look great! Sounds like quite the project.

    We have dark hardwood floors like that. As much as I like how they look, they are a massive pain to keep clean with a toddler and a light coloured cat. They also dent easily. So I love them for about 10 minutes after I clean them!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I find that about my parquet (spelling?!) floors in the rest of the main floor – pain in the bum to keep clean! I swear I sweep up 5x a day!

      1. Nicole

        Haha! I don’t sweep mine nearly as often as I should!

  2. Amy

    Oh that new floor looks wonderful! I like the way tiles look in general, but, yes, they pose a challenge in cleaning them! This darker wood really brings out the colors of your kitchen (I am a sucker for dark, earth-toned colors). We have a cork floor which is great, but I am always afraid bigger spills will soak into it and smell.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I like dark, earth-tone too! We painted the cabinets two years ago – but only just replaced the floor. We do home renos in pieces around here!


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