Running Deja Vu

I did not work today – and since it was a beautiful day, it was a great excuse to get out there and go for a run today. I ran 5KM but took a different route than I normally do because school was on lunch, and sometimes I just don’t feel like running with tons of kids who know me around. So instead I took a different route through some side streets and then out to the Ottawa River path where I normally run. But this time I stayed on the right hand side of where I normally run. Usually I go down the main street and go left on the path. This time I was on the right side. I know this path just as well (it is one of our cross country routes and lined with KM markings that were done by the school).

The plan was to run a steady run, but at a more increased pace. So that is what I did. I ran 3 out of the 5 KM at around 5:40 (:41, :40 and :44), one KM slightly faster at 5:17 *it was downhill* and one at 5:52 as I took a bit of a breather at the 2.5K mark. I finished the run at 28:16 and walked another km for a cool down. Most of the run felt fine, but the last 1.5KM I was fighting the throwing up monster. Not sure what that was about. Actually, I know exactly what it was about – I had an Egg McMuffin for breakfast.

I am supposed to be running in the Fall Colours 5K with Somersault Events, but I think I am going to be missing that. I think Fall Colours will be the race I want to run, but never can. I am probably going to Toronto for Thanksgiving, but with a planned trip to Rochester. You know what that means?? Trader Joes and Cheesecake Factory! ┬áThere is a Trader Joes opening soon in Buffalo, but it opens that weekend, so It will be worth the drive to Rochester just to escape the crazy crowds. But we will see. Anyways, back on topic – I will probably be signing up for another year of Rattle Me Bones – but I am deciding between running the 5K or doing a 10K this time around. I do have a goal to PB in the 10K, and since I’ve already PB’d in the 5K, maybe it is time to tackle a 10K again.

So Running Deja Vu


I ran today at noon. I haven’t run on a weekday at noon in a very, very long time. The thing was running at noon in my area is it is lunch time for the schools. So you see lots of kids floating around and there is lots of noise, especially on a day where everyone is outside. When I ran past the local Catholic school, I remembered that four years ago I was doing the same thing – running at noon, on a weekday because I had no where else I had to be. Four years ago, at around this time of year is when I started running again. I don’t think I had run more than a lap or two in years prior to that year. To this day, I am still very unsure of why I actually started running – it could have been because I was watching lots of X-Weighted (looking at my tweet history). I do remember that running helped with setting a bit of a routine and limiting some of my boredom. But, things are different now. I am not the same runner that I was in 2009 – not at all. Why? For the following reasons:

1) I no longer run in cotton t-shirts

2) I can run more than a Km without gasping for air (I think I made it 400m the first time I went out!)

3) When purchasing shoes, I pay attention to things like stability, arch support and that kind of thing. Not just pretty colours.

4) I use Garmin Connect to track all my runs – this makes tracking my progress a snap

5) I am aware that on hot days, running at noon is a silly idea

6) I do not run to lose weight – I run to keep fit and have fun! (bit of a Canadian joke there)

I am by no means a perfect, speedy runner. Not even close. But I have made progress over the years.I look forward to running sub-25 5K’s in my future and possibly my first sub-60 10K!


In other running news – a bit of a run fail. I was looking at my Army Run pictures today. I could barely find myself in any of them – I was way off in the distance, and always surrounded by people. When looking really closely at a picture where I couldn’t see myself, I saw one of my friends from school, clear as day, right behind me. We were chatting yesterday about our races and knew we had to have been close at some point – but not so close that he was right behind me. I am not comfortable posting Zoom Photo proofs on here – but if you know my last name, you can search my name at zoom photo and my images show up. I am wearing a dark purple top, and my friend is wearing a bright orange top. If you click through the images, it almost appears that he was trying to pass me, as if I was his ‘lets pass this person’ last kick at the end – because just past the finishing mats, he goes by me – which is when I believe I was veering off to the side to have a moment to catch my breath. Absolutely hilarious!

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