Last 5K of the Season Goals

Happy Friday!

I have a longer day at work today – and not too much downtime. Which is all good because that essentially means more $$ in my pocket. Max has a cough again, which means I haven’t slept more than 5 hours in about a week (cue the “awww muffin” comments now). So this Friday night is looking to be another go to bed at 9pm kind of night. Super exciting!

Tomorrow, Max and I are on our own for most of the day. We have to do grocery shopping, but also have to run to the Ottawa Hospital to pick up my race kit for this weekend’s race. Another big thanks to everyone who donated towards the race – you guys are great!!

This will be my last 5K race of the season. I am pretty busy in November and winter races are not really my thing. I have started making the switch in workouts to more weight/core workouts rather than simply running. Winter time means treadmill/indoor track workouts for me – but it is more about keeping kit than anything. I am going to try and go out for some outdoor runs (with Kristi, hopefully!).

Next year I have plans to run another half marathon, lots of 5K’s, and maybe a 10K or two. No marathon plans, yet!


Goals for the Rattle me Bones 5K


Many runners have been listing their ABC goals for their races. I shall jump on that bandwagon and list my goals:

A Goal

Sub 26 time with even-ish splits.

This is a goal that could be obtained if I stay on the 5:10 goal pace. I was on pace last race to do this. My plan is to make sure I’m at the front of the pack and match up with someone who is running at a 5:05/5:10 pace. That strategy worked really really well last time.

Also – fixing my arms. My arm position in the last race was very much not ideal. I do not relax the hands, and the arms were up way too high. The track coach in me cringed with every picture I saw from Fall Colours. I need to not have my iPhone on my arm – I have to remember to bring my iPod shuffle and wrap the headphones through my shirt/down my back so I will not be tempted to hold on to the wires.

B Goal

Sub 27 time

Let’s face the facts – I will be wearing a banana costume and that might cause some drag. Although I know I have it in me to run sub-26, there is a good possibility I will get peeved off with the costume and that will effect my pacing. Or the route could get messed up again 😉

The arm issue still applies

C Goal

Sub 28 Time

I’ve been very consistent with hitting sub-28 times lately. I am thinking that a slightly below 28 minute 5K is like my slightly below 30 minute time from last year. I am feeling fairly comfortable in the 5:30+ pace now, so even if I have a fairly ok run, I should hit 28:00 with little to no problem.

The arm issue still applies. This is something that I must improve on!


Ideally I would like to PB this race. The course is fairly flat, and I know the course well – so no getting “lost” this time! Let us hope that the banana costume makes my fly – not slow me down!

Have a great Friday!


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  1. Kristi

    Yep, we’re definitely going to do some winter runs together this year! I’m not a treadmill person so I just slowly adjust to the cold temperatures and slippery footing. And maybe you could help me get some speed back. I feel like I am so slow now!
    Best of luck this weekend!!! If you can run any of those times in a banana suit I will be hugely impressed :). One year I really have to try this race.

  2. Nicole

    Good luck! I think you will be a fast banana!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I hope so!! thanks!!

  3. olivetorun

    GOOD LUCK on your 5k!!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Thank you 🙂

  4. Amy

    Good Luck! Last race of the season…make it count, banana and all!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Thank you 🙂


    I love that you are wearing a banana costume. My son’s friends are wearing banana costumes and going trick-or-treating together. That should be fun.:)
    Go for the PR. Hate the costume! It’s fine! 🙂
    What is the arm issue? Forgive me, I’ve been a negligent reader 🙁

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I tense up and clench my fists – arms are too high – all the things I teach my runners at track not to do. Basically it starts causing my upper body to hurt and that isn’t good. I worked on it today though!

      and I got my PB!!


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