New Shoes + Open Concept Schools

One should never underestimate the power of a good shoe! My legs have been hurting a little bit for the past couple of weeks when I first set out to run, but nothing too drastic. I was getting a little tired of my New Balance W870’s, both in terms of style and when I’m doing non-running activities the shoes are just too heavy. I do require shoes that help with stability because of the pronating issue, so I went to The Running Room to look at shoes that were a little bit more light weight.

The woman that was in charge was extremely helpful and showed me a couple of different types of shoes. Apparently I also rub my shoes together at some point in my gait. I really think I need someone to video me running as I’m positive I need to correct my form a bit. Anyways, I tried the newest version of the 870’s, which have been re-designed for a lighter weight. They felt nice, but I really hated the colour (baby blue). I tried on a pair of Asics (nope), Nike’s (heck no) and Mizuno’s. The Mizuno’s are the Wave Inspire 9 model in a nice, bright pink colour. After re-trying a couple of shoes I settled on the Mizunos.




I took the new shoes out for a spin this morning before work, and they felt great. I can definitely fell the weight difference and surprise, surprise, no pain! I am debating putting my inserts in, but we will see! I ran 3Km in the morning (that is all I had time for), which I ran in 16:20 which I believe is my fastest 3K yet. Tomorrow is a gym day, so we will see the difference when I work out there.

Open-Concept Schools

Today was my first day back supplying in an elementary school. I am a high school teacher, but qualified to teach grade 7 and 8 as well. I very rarely teach in elementary and have no desire whatsoever to teach full-time in that panel. But, while I am supplying, elementary supplying is what gets me into the schools almost every single day, as elementary grades cannot go into study hall like high schools.

The school I went to today is fairly close to my house. Actually it is two minutes away from the track team’s winter location. I know the office secretary there, and a number of my former student’s younger siblings attend the school, as it is a feeder school to my previous work location. So far, every place I have supplied at, I have known one of the staff members and one of the students. Somehow the morning gym class that I had realized that I was a track coach, not sure why though (maybe it was the pink shoes?!).

The school is different from other schools because it is an open concept school. ¬†What this means is that there is no hallway, walls or doors separating the classrooms. The classrooms are all on the outside of a giant atrium/hall and you can see into almost every single classroom if you stand in the middle of it. Open concept schools were all the rage in the late 1960’s and 1970’s, and there are several schools in Ontario that were built in this fashion. As someone who was new to a school, I found the open concept idea overwhelming and very confusing. It was also very loud and chaotic during class changes. It was different though!

Tomorrow I am at another elementary school in my area, and Friday I am back at my old school. It is nice not having to commute! Tomorrow is all about language Arts and math – YAY!


Have you ever seen an open concept school?

What do you look for in your running shoes?

Seen any good movies lately?



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  1. mom

    I need new shoes. But I am clueless on what type to get. We will shop when you are down for

  2. Nicole

    I have never heard of open concept schools. Kind of interesting actually.

    Something that I think of everytime I read one of your “supply” posts. In AB, we call it substitute teaching, not supply teaching. When I lived in Ontario (age 10-14) I initially referred to the supply teacher as a substitute and the other kids were so confused/made fun of me. When I went back to AB for high school I initially referred to the substitute teachers as supply teachers and the kids made fun of me again. I just think it’s interesting how the same position can have a different name between provinces. In my opinion, substitute teacher is a better term!

    Nice shoes! I have been wearing the same brand/model of shoes for years now. They don’t have the worst colours but they certainly aren’t funky like some of the mizunos. I bought some mizunos earlier this year to wear as my short runs shoes, partially because they are a cool colour and also because they were cheaper.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      My official job title is Occasional teacher – but some schools call the subs ‘guest teachers’ too – supply, substitute, occasional, guest – so many names!!

  3. Kristi

    The elementary school I went to in the 70’s in Bramalea, Ont., was open concept. I grew up thinking that was the norm for grade school. Now as an elementary school teacher I just think who the heck came up with that stupid idea??? I can’t imagine having to teach in that setting.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      It was way too loud and disruptive. I had to bring a kid to the locker bay, which meant going through someones class – so weird!!


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