Dynamic Duel 5K Virtual Race

Happy Friday!


It is a PD Day around here – and since PD Day means a forced unpaid day off – I am making the most of it! I have to clean the house, call a couple places and then this afternoon is all about massage time! I also have to complete a circuit workout this morning since I was unable to work out before track yesterday because of parental miscommunication. Circuits by myself are kind of ‘meh’ worthy – I have no one to yell at me to work harder!

Yesterday I ran a virtual 5K race!  Laura from Mommy Miracles and Greta from GFunkified held a virtual 5K race in support of Team in Training (part of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society). The idea was that it was the USA vs. Canada in terms of how many runners they could get to run the race. They set it up so that you received a personalized bib and will receive a medal in a few weeks – pretty cool!


The weather yesterday was perfect for running and I had the morning off from work, so I went out at 10am to complete my run. My plan was just to take it easy and run a steady 5K – no attempting to PB or anything like that. I took a different route than I normally do and ran solely on the sidewalk/street (normally I run half my run on the Ottawa River Pathway). The first 2.5KM went by well. I was averaging a 5:45ish pace, which is my more steady pace. I did notice quite quickly that I had over-dressed with one too many layers on.

When I reached the 2.5K turnaround point, I realized very quickly that the run back would not be as easy. There was a pretty decent headwind that I had to tackle – which is good training because eventually I will have to run up bridges and those involve some wind! My pace slowed down a bit, and I took a couple quick walking breaks (which I so very rarely do now). My training focus right now is to build up my mileage and prevent injury, so my running coach wants a nice easy pace for the next little while. No point killing myself at this point. Therefore, I took it easy. I’m also working on my form too!

I headed back home and saw a few other runners out, and we exchanged pleasantries. I got a bit of a kick towards the end and had a decent last KM. When I arrived home the Garmin said 29:47 which is pretty good for a slower, steady run.


I did have to stretch right after as I felt my hamstrings go a little tight. But, I also had to grab my camera and take a selfie (well more like using the timer function on my camera) to show that I had run my virtual race:

IMG_6239 (1)

It was fun to run a virtual race!  It is also a great idea for a fundraiser! Thanks to Laura and Greta for arranging this fun running event!


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  1. Stephanie@nowirun.com

    What a great idea!
    What made you decide to hire a running coach? I’m just thinking about it….

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I need the push! I know how to design a running program and I know what to do – but it is nice to have someone offer support and also to be accountable! It is a virtual coaching situation – very much like how Janae on HRG does it. But, I do not pay him. He is my friend of a friend’s husband who is in the military, and is a hardcore marathoner and ironman. He offered to create training plans for all of us – and we use a private Facebook group to keep track of our activities and to post videos and such. I also train with another track coach on Thursdays for my strength training – and that is doing wonders. Again, I could easily design my own workouts – but he pushes me even harder and the results are: I have abs again! and some muscles in my arms, haha!

      I am very fortunate to be surrounded by some great coaches!

  2. K

    I’m so glad you did the race!

  3. Amy

    What a great way to virtually connect with other runners! And that is awesome you have a coach and a private group of supporters (not paying is even better!).

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      My supporters are fantastic! They are the sole reason why I’ve become more fit and fast this season!


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