Three Things Thursday: Yesterday was Great Edition

Happy Thursday!

I am currently using a computer with two monitors – one for writing this post and another to keep tabs on all the Toronto drama. For those not from Ontario – yeah, I do not know what to say other than, yes – the mayor of Toronto is a real person and we are not putting on a show.

Anyways – yesterday was a pretty rock solid day (except for work which was boring). So this week’s Three Things Thursday is the “why yesterday rocked” edition.



Thing #1 – CW Won!

After work, I hurried back to Orleans to pick up Max and then head to my old school to catch the Sr. Boys Volleyball City Championships. The message was “fill the gym” and I think we succeeded! Quite a number of staff brought their kids and Max had a great time sitting with them. Much thanks to the wonderful CW students who offered their own seats to the staff with kids. Good news – we won!! Right before they won, we all stood up – which we all got a warning from the ref for being too loud (or something?).



There was also the “CW Marching Band” which is not your typical marching band. I was crying laughing!



Thing #2 – Yay Beer!

I love my Fall beers – which is really weird to say considering I know that a few of my students know about this blog. But – I finally was able to grab Sam Adams Octoberfest beer – a beer I have not seen in Ottawa in over 2 years. I also found the St. Ambroise Pumpkin ale too. Last year all I could find was the Mill Street Halloween pack. You have to be quick as they usually only get one shipment in and that is it. For those not in Ontario – we buy our beer from the Beer Store or the LCBO – no Walmart Beer here!


Thing #3 – YAY HOORAY!!

I received a very important text yesterday at lunch:

I am at Bayshore and they have the 24 Days of Tea – do you want me to pick it up for you?


You may have read my little note here about how fast it sold out. But it was delivered last night and I am looking forward to my tea advent calendar – which I strangely prefer to chocolate.



So yesterday was a good day! Today is looking like a good day. I’ve already had some free coffee, found some running winter gear and run a 5K virtual race (which I will discuss tomorrow)- I still have track and TV night to go! Sweet!

Did you have a good day yesterday?

Do you like David’s Tea? Have you even heard of it?

Have you ever run a virtual race before?

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    I’ve never heard of that tea… that said, it’s funny you’d even post about tea today. Andrew’s voice teacher wants him to get a certain tea and honey to take care of his throat before his audition next week. 🙂
    The mayor story is something out of a fiction novel. Really. I don’t even know how to talk about it. All I can do is say that I lived in Detroit when Kwame Kilpatrick was on the hot seat and on his way out. It wasn’t pretty there, either. Yikes!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Tea+honey = a must for singers!! When I did the musical theatre thing, I had them on a specific liquid diet (no dairy, lots of water, tea) at the end because all their untrained voices were starting to go.

      Yeah, this whole mayor thing has been getting worse and worse. He has been in office for almost 3 years now and this isn’t even the start of his craziness (but it has gotten a whole lot worse). I’m not surprised at all that it has come to this. I thought Toronto was nuts-crazy for voting him in!


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