Windy Friday

Hope everyone is recovering from Halloweenie Fun!

I had track practice last night – not too many kids came, so the workout/coaching was very one-on-one last night. Good for the four kids from my group that were there! Before practice, another coach and I did a workout – full of burpees,lunge jumps, mountain climbers and more. If anyone happened to be around you would have heard about 100 swear words coming out of our mouths – especially with the lunge jumps and tricep dips. All I can say is that if there was a reality TV series of “what happens when coaches who eat too many poutines, work out”, we would be cast. It was a good workout though!


The winds in Ottawa are crazy today! It is one of those dark, Fall days that make you want to just curl up with a movie and stay inside. However, it is a work day – so that isn’t going to happen. But today at school, it is the next best thing – PAJAMA DAY! I am rocking my monkey PJ’s, long-sleeved striped Gap shirt and a housecoat. Nice and comfy! I still want to watch a movie, but I am on Phys Ed duty today, so I will play sports instead.

The winds remind me of a day at track where there was a wind storm occurring across Ontario. The storm was in April of 2011 and was very intense. We were at one of our first outdoor track meets of the year, at Terry Fox Track. We found our usual spot on the far corner of the stands and set up shop – the winds were fine. Within an hour, these 100 km/hr wind gusts just started coming out of no where. It wasn’t even cloudy! I remember that I had my hair up – but because it was shorter, it was coming out of my ponytail and just going all over the place. There is a picture somewhere of all of us screaming under a tarp because it was so crazy!

But – track only cancels for lightning – so we still had our meet. The 400m runners were absolutely hilarious as they approached the winds running at the 200m mark and appeared to dead stop on the track – when they passed the curve, they were flying! The light-posts were constantly going back and forth, creaking and moaning – In my head I was thinking of a safety plan in case something happened. Even the heavy high jump mat took a ride at one point!

When I went home that night, I got into warm clothes, wrapped myself up in three blankies and just sat watching TV – totally stunned from the winds. It is definitely a ‘remember when’ story for the team!


Do you have any weather stories?



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  1. Amy

    Wind can certainly be a crazy, crazy thing! That picture of the donut…tempting!


    My track coach from HS had a voice that could be heard around the world. He would yell, in the worst circumstances, “IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY FOR TRACK AND FIELD!” He made it clear that we would only cancel or postpone practice and meets under three conditions:
    1) lightening
    2) tornado
    3) threat of nuclear attack

    In the many years I ran for this man, he was true to his word!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I have to work on my track coach voice apparently 🙂 I’m so not that loud (yet)

  3. Elise @

    Haha Lunge jumps are the WORST!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      They are! We could only do 3 in a row before swearing and stopping for a second hahaha


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