2013 Gift Guide for Runners

Gift Guide for Runners


It is that time of year again. Holiday shopping time! My birthday (and P’s and Max’s) are also very close to Christmas, so extra gift buying happens around my house. Last year I wrote about gifts that you could buy your favourite runner. You can read last year’s suggestions here.



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Road ID Bracelet


Safety is very important for athletes of all sports – but running tends to have a bit of a twist as we tend to train on our own quite often. Many of us run several miles/kilometres by ourselves at all hours of the day – with no cell phones or any other identification. Carrying around a cell phone can be really annoying and I certainly do not carry my wallet with me. So this is where the Road ID bracelet comes in. The Road ID bracelet is similar to the Medical Alert bracelets – but instead of just medical information, it contains your address, phone number and other information. Pretty cool!


Winter Running Gear

IMG_6239 (1)

(This is me modelling my only complete winter running gear outfit)

Headbands, gloves, jackets, socks and pants. All these ‘winter running’ items add up! I only have one complete running outfit for winter. I do have a number of tops, but only one pair of pants and one each of the accessoires (gloves, hats, headbands). If you are planning on training throughout the winter outside, having an extra pair of pants might be nice. If you have never trained in the winter – well, you have lots of things to buy! This is when the whole “running is a cheap sport” idea goes out the window. Unless you live in Florida….


Subscription to a Running Magazine


There are a number of running magazines out there. I started a subscription with  Runner’s World and Canadian Running Magazine this year and I’ve enjoyed the runner profiles, training information and inspirational stories. Magazine subscriptions are offered at a fairly good price too!

Spirit of the Marathon DVD

What runner wouldn’t want to watch a movie solely about running?  The Spirt of the Marathon is a documentary about the marathon (obviously?). I have still not seen it yet, but might just purchase it for myself. Spirit of the Marathon I is based on the Chicago Marathon while SotM II is based on Rome. You can buy the movie through the Spirit of the Marathon Store.

Massage Therapy Session

Who doesn’t like massages?

But in all seriousness – during a training period, a gift of a massage would be a great idea for a runner!  .Or the sweet reward for after a big race!Although some people do have massage benefits with their workplace, many do not (or use it up rather quickly)  Many massage centres offer gift certificates.

Those are my suggestions!

Do you have any suggestions?

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  1. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    I have running gear, Runners World subscription, and a massage on my list! My legs are BEGGING for a deep tissue massage!

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