Santa and Pizza

Ok – so this is a bit late – but last weekend we went to Toronto to visit the parental units. It took us a million years to leave Ottawa, despite leaving before rush hour. But silly me keeps forgetting that Ottawa Fridays are a bit on the weird side because so many government workers are off on Fridays. Plus apparently it being Black Friday meant that more people took the day off. Traffic was crazy all day!  Compare it with today’s Friday – barely any cars on the road!

On Saturday we went to the mall and I hung out with one of my friends. The mall close to my parents (and the one I used to work at) had renovated its food court and now there are tons of great options to choose from. In the new food court, there is a Chipotle Grill! I keep hearing all about Chipotle Grill from all of you bloggers, so I finally was able to try it for myself! I had a burrito bowl and it was delicious!

After that we went home and got ready for more food! I made a reservation at Pizzeria Libretto in downtown Toronto. Again, Pizzeria Libretto is another place that I keep hearing about, so I decided to take advantage of being in Toronto and going out for some pizza. It is a family friend restaurant that basically has small plates and pizza. We ordered a sausage pizza and a prosciutto/arugula pizza to share, along with a gnocchi and beef skewers plate. The pizza is made in an wood fired oven that is 900 degrees – so the pizza cooks in about 90 seconds. The ingredients they use are fresh and high quality (with a focus on local when available)- which you can taste. Their tomato sauce was amazing! The make their pizza by following strict guidelines so that it can be called Neapolitan pizza. The verdict?

You know that scene in Eat, Pray, Love when they go and eat pizza in Italy – yup, just like that! The dough was amazing, the sauce was amazing, the toppings were amazing!  The really cool thing – the pizza cost the same as a Boston Pizza one – so why go to Boston Pizza when you can get fantastic pizza for the same price?


After pizza we went home and put Max to bed. We then went to the movies to see Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The movie was sold out at 9pm, so we went to the 9:40pm show – and even had to get into a line-up and wait. I don’t remember the last time I lined up for a movie, although it was probably Harry Potter! The movie was great, but now I just want to see the next one and not have to wait a whole year!  I only watched the first Hunger Games last week – and I am hooked!


On Sunday, we took Max to the local market to see Santa. They had a Santa story time for kids in the morning at the grocery market (hence why you see chips in the background). Max does not know what Santa is all about – so we were unsure what he would do. He sat like a nice boy with the bigger kids and listened to a story. Santa sang a song, and Max got up and danced. After that, it was time for another story – Max then decided that sitting down was not fun, so he promptly made his way to check out Santa. He also went through Santa’s bag. Opps.  When it came time for the traditional “sit on Santa and take a picture” time, Max ran up to try and be first. He wasn’t shy at all. But two girls beat him too it. As the photographer was trying to take a picture – Max ran up in front of Santa and started waving at everybody and saying “cheeeeeese!” and “hellllllllo!” – waving to everyone. He quickly had his turn with Santa (beaming the entire time) and then his parents quickly escorted him away. What a ham!

photo 1 (4)

photo 2 (3)

So that was our weekend!  Pretty busy one, I would say!

What are you doing this weekend?

What is your favorite kind of pizza?

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  1. Mom

    What nice pictures!

  2. olivetorun

    I have really been loving margherita pizza lately… otherwise- lots of cheese, lots of sauce and lots of different peppers 🙂

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      margherita is probably my fave pizza!

  3. Amy

    Max is so cute! Glad he is not shy!
    And so glad you finally got to try Chipotle! I love burritos from ‘real’ Mexican places, but I am always up for Chipotle!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      There is no ‘real’ Mexican places here in Ottawa 🙁


    Max is so adorable… those cheeks! 🙂


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