The End is the Beginning is the End

An imaginary $5 to whoever knows where my post title comes from 😉


Last night marked the end of an era – I attended by very last lecture, ever. I have been in school for roughly 11 years. I have a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Education and almost done my Masters of Education. I still have one course to take (it is online) and a giant paper, but the end is near!  Funny enough – I looked down at my clipboard last night and realized that I’ve been using the same clipboard since first year of undergrad:


Last night’s class was a one hour lecture provided by the professor, followed by two presentations. I nearly fell asleep during the first presentation and the second one had the professor making some “be careful what you say” type of comments which made things a bit interesting. At the end, the professor and a student got into a 15 minute debate about government policy and whether or not force/violence makes progress or hinders it. It is risky debating/arguing with this particular professor because he is just too damn smart. He makes no apologies – especially when he insults your intelligence.

Speaking of the professor – it was also his last class ever. He retired two years ago (which was the last time I had him), but has come back to teach a course every once in awhile. However, this time he said he was done as he had “better things to do with his time”. Ottawa U is losing a great professor. Even though he calls us a bunch of morons who don’t know anything – he pushes us and creates amazing lectures. His last lecture was fantastic. As he said his last statements (without the use of notes or papers) in such a way that all I could think of was “wow” (which if he knew that he would be disappointed in my word choice). In the beginning of the course he said that he was “old school” and he proved this point several times. He also dislikes all forms of social media and cell phones. One of his statements when a phone went off in class was “ohhhh look at me, being so cool, being so texty!” which left me in hysterics.

Anyways – one of the points the professor made several times in class was the purpose of education. I am writing a section on our final paper about the purpose of our educational system. There are several purposes to school other than the obvious intellectual function. The school system’s other functions include elements that affect socialization, parenting and who gets to go to what post-secondary school (and more – I’m trying not to bore you with my edu-speak). There is so much more to a school than pencils, papers and textbooks. But, even with saying that, schools are still factories. We sort students by age, schedule our day around bells and when they graduate they line up in a straight line to receive their diplomas. Our professor loves to point out that the social and cultural aspects of schooling gets more intense as you move up towards grad school. One of his favorite quotes from another professor is “graduate studies is a protracted socialization into the norms of academe”. When you look back at your education (especially if you attended grad school) you realized how true that statement is.

As I left the building, I said goodbye to lectures, custom coursebooks and chairs that cause numb-bum. I was asked what my big plans were after graduation. I responded that I wasn’t sure but I did have one plan – to do the same thing I do every night, try to take over the world!

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  1. Mom

    A smashing pumpkins song… Don’t ask why I remembered that!

  2. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    Wow. I’ve never looked at education that way, but since I am a Masters student myself, I can totally understand it! I think graduate school is TOTALLY different than any other schooling I’ve had in my life. Congratulations on being nearly finished!

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