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Happy Friday!

I’m sitting at work, watching the snow fall. It is very quiet since there are no students here and almost no teachers. I’m hoping for a magical “you are released” page to happen shortly after lunch so I can go home early (because it is mad snowing out).

Last night I had my last track practice of 2013! We have a meet tomorrow and then the dome is closed a whole pile of days for the next couple of weeks. If I’m lucky, I will get to go to practice on January 2nd, if not I won’t be back until January 9th or so. Therefore I made sure to get a workout in before I disappear for a bit. The weights area was disinfected/cleaned yesterday and my workout buddy wasn’t coming to track – so therefore I put a speed workout on the agenda. I am not the biggest fan of running on the track, but since I am also not a fan of running on snow/ice, I had to ‘suck it up buttercup’ and run in circles.

photo 3

Speed Workout

2 Lap warm up

1600m – race pace (~5:00KM)

400m – super slow recovery lap

1200m – race pace (~5:00KM)

400m – super low recovery lap

800m – race pace (~5:00)

2 minute rest

400m – “all out” *all out meaning, long distance running all out, NOT a sprint

I do not have all my run data uploaded – but the total time for 4.5KM was 28:22, which included the 3 recovery laps.

The run was brutal for the 1600m and 1200m. Absolutely brutal. My shoulder was achy for whatever reason (I blame showing the kids my mad yoga skillz). I also felt like it was VERY tough to keep up with my race pace, even for ust 1.6KM. I saw my co-coach walking up and I told her “what the hell – why is this so hard!?”. I haven’t loaded up my garmin data yet, but I hovered more around 5:30km’s during the 1600m and 1200m.

I felt like quitting or shortening my workout – but one of the things I have to deal with for 2014 is not letting my brain trick me. I know I am going to hit “the wall” during the NYC marathon – so might as well get a bit more mentally tough! The 800m went much better – I hovered just below 5:00 for those two laps. Because I was running out of time, I did not do a recovery lap in between the 800m and the 400m and just walked around the start line to get my heart rate down. The 400m “all out” was by far the easiest lap, go figure!

I then jogged back to our track group area and drank a whole bunch of water. I did some stretching later on while the track kiddies were running their 300m runs.

It was good to get a decent running workout in for once – but it also signified that I need to run more often and start building up my base for the 2014 season. I’m going to try and run a couple of times a week during the Christmas break  with runs ranging from 2-5KM. Hopefully it happens! With this 30cm of snow happening on Sunday, I have some doubts!

Hope you are having a great Friday!

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  1. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    I hate speed work… but I have to do it to make progress…I know. Ugh.


    I hope you got sent home early!
    Your workout was intense. Way to stick with it even though you weren’t feeling it 🙂


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