Sometimes I am not so bright + Track Workout


It is another cold week here in Ottawa. Last week we had a rest from the really frigid temperatures which was nice. Now we are back to the frostbite warnings and temperatures that just do not feel good! I am wearing a wool sweater and still cold in my fridge of a workplace.

Although many people have told me that I am smart person – sometimes I just say or do things that are not too bright. Examples:

One time when ordering pizza on the internet, I saw that a pizza topping labelled ‘Pine Apple’. I said to my friends ” what the hell is a pine apple?…..OH PINEAPPLE”. 

Last week my ed assistant said that she wanted to show the class some videos on grease fires. On Friday we had the opportunity to use the Smart Board room and she said “hey, let’s look up some grease fire videos first”. Of course, what is it that I think she wants to look up: Fires in Greece. So I googled “Greece Fires” on the projector, in front of everyone. So smart I am!

The next thing that took me awhile to process through my brain was going to the local indoor track for track workouts. As you all know – I coach at an indoor track that is fairly close to my house. During all this time that I have had access to the dome, and the multitude of times that I have whined about running in the cold, it never occurred to me that perhaps I should run in the dome during my non-practice days. Until last week….

So last night, I put Max to bed and went out to the dome for a little Sunday night workout (P was sick on the couch – I did not just live the toddler).


The workout was a new one I came up with. The 800m warm-up, cool-down and drills are standard. If you would like details on a full workout, please see this post.

So basically I did two sets of 2x400m and 2x200m. I took 2 minutes (or so) rest in between each run – but took a full five minutes rest between the two sets.


400m – 1:35

400m: 1:33

200m – :41

200m – :40

400m – 1:44

400m – 1:43

200m – :43

200m – :41

I did not wear my Garmin watch this time – just my regular ol’ sports watch. I was amused that I hit my 1:35 400m time (my standard speed 400m time) without looking at my watch.

This workout was almost barf-worthy.I was definitely sweating by the end. I think I have to adjust the rest times a bit, but other than the two 400m at the end, my runs were fairly consistent. The problem with those last two 400’s was that there were soccer players all over the track (the inner fields of the track make 3 indoor soccer fields) and this one group totally covered the last 30m or so of the track. I had to almost dead stop in that last 400m because they were giving me no room. Kind of annoying!

photo 2 (4)

The track was fairly empty last night. Only two other runners were on the track – all doing speed work as well. I am pretty sure I knew one of the runners from twitter/the Ottawa running scene, but wasn’t too sure. So – if you are thinking that you want to get some speed work in or just have an indoor track to run on – come to the dome!  I did pay for my access last night and I am considering getting a month pass for February since I can go and run during non-track coaching times. Plus – my job situation is completely up in the air so I may be finding myself with oodles of free time in two weeks.

photo 1 (5)

Tonight will probably be an at-home circuit workout, but I’m not 100% sure of that since P just texted me to say that he came home sick from work. Tomorrow night I am back at the track – but because I have to pick up Max tomorrow/pick up the babysitter – I am probably just going to steady run on the track instead.

Have a great Monday!

What did you do this weekend?

Anyone sick in your house?

Do you ever have candy in the morning? I am totally eating PB M&M’s right now….

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  1. Mom

    What did I do this weekend? Nothing… Because…. Yes we are sick…. And yes I have had candy for breakfast… Who taught you!

  2. Nikki

    When I saw the title of this post I was hoping the ‘not so bright’ applied to the track workout so I wouldn’t feel so bad about my yasso blunder (oops!) but alas, no beans. Ha ha. Anyhow, you’re so lucky you have an indoor track like that both from a weather standpoint but also from a safety standpoint. So much better than a dark lonely track at night!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      hehe – nope no major track errors here yet. There was this one time that I had to officiate shotput and that was AWFUL.

      Yeah, indoor tracks are the only option here in Ottawa. All of our other tracks are completely covered over with snow from November til April – so having access to that indoor track is wonderful.


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