Staples Valentine’s Day Gift Guide *Giveaway*

Happy Thursday!

February is just around the corner, which means that Valentine’s Day is coming up. Valentine’s Day is similar to Christmas in that many people stress about what to get their significant other for Valentine’s Day. Some parents also like to give their children something as well. Tradition calls for flowers and chocolates – but I’m not really into that, and I know people who think the same.

Staples Canada has come up with a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for parents to consider gifts for their children. Staples is way more than just a place to get post-it notes and paper. They have so much more. I know the teacher in me loves to browse the aisles and pick out new stationary and computer gadgets. Please tell me that I am not the only one out there that loves stationary?  Max is currently at the age where he loves colouring and Arts&Crafts. He already has a number of colour books with assorted writing tools. At daycare he is all about painting and stickers. It would be very easy to create a little Valentine’s Day package for him with some new art supplies bought at Staples.

Staples Canada has put together a guide for Parents with a few items that they think would make great Valentine’s Day Presents at an assortment of price-points.




1. Tot Tutors Children’s Table – what better to do crafts and writing activities on? Your children having their own table and chairs to work from means that you do not have to worry about marker and glue stains.

2. Apple iPod Shuffle – Something for your children’s to listen music with – but not as breakable/distracting as an iPod touch.

3.  Bienfang Sketch Book – something for your emerging artist to create pictures with.  Think about going to the park and having your child sketch what they see.

4. Dixon China Markers – a no sharpener needed writing tool that can be used on a variety of surfaces including metal!

5. High Sierra Curve Backpack – a backpack with a variety of organizers, beverage holders and a padded back support. I used to get excited about new backpacks.

6. Built NY Big Apple Buddies Lunch bag – isn’t this the cutest? Max loves cats so he would love this lunch box.

7. Winnie the Pooh Record Book – for parents who are just about to have a newborn, or a baby that has just been born. Something to record your little one’s first moments.

If none of these items peak your interest or if you want to look for something for your significant other, please visit the Staples Website as they have an entire gift guide available.


Giveaway time!

Contest has ended – thanks for stopping by!

Disclosure – Staples Canada allowed me to choose an item from the above list to keep (I chose the table and chairs for Max). I was not paid for this post and as always, all opinions are my own. 


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  1. Valerie good

    I would choose the table and chairs.

    I have liked Staples on Facebook

    That’s all I subscribe to so I guess I get 2 submissions. 🙂

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      You sure do 🙂

  2. Jennifer Kang


    I would def choose the table and chairs, they are awesome. Do you like them? ^^ I liked Staples on facebook & followed them on Pinterest. I don’t “tweet.” !!!

    Yay!! Awesome give away

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      They will be arriving shortly. Max loves the doctor’s office table and chairs and ‘plays crafts’ with his girlfriends every day, so I’m sure he is going to go nuts when I make him his own craft corner 🙂

  3. suzi

    I would choose the Tot Tutors Children’s Table because I have a 5 year old who would LOVE it!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      I think this will be the item that someone wins 🙂

  4. suzi

    I follow you on twitter (serendipitysuzi)

  5. suzi

    I follow Staples on twitter (serendipitysuzi)

  6. suzi

    I”like” Staples on Facebook – I’m a longtime fan actually! (Suzi)

  7. Mimi Mulhall

    I would choose the table and chairs so that mommy and daddy can reclaim the ‘adult’ table and chairs 🙂 Thank you for this opportunity!

  8. Mimi Mulhall

    Also a fan (“liked”) Staples on Facebook and following the same on Pinterest (anything to enable my Pinterest obsession – can’t get enough of it!) Thanks again for this opportunity!

  9. Katie

    I would pick the table and chairs, my youngest would love her own ‘work’ station! I ‘liked’ staples on facebook as well!
    Thank you!

  10. Areta

    I would choose the Apple iPod Shuffle. It is small and lightweight and my son could use it to listen to his favorite songs while in the car.

  11. Areta

    Followed @Rebeccaruns. Username is @awabia.

  12. Areta

    Followed @StaplesCanada. Username is @awabia.

  13. Areta

    I liked Staples Canada on Facebook!

  14. Areta

    I followed Staples Canada on Pinterest!

  15. ikkinlala

    I’d choose the sketchbook and give it to a friend’s daughter who loves to draw.

  16. Andrea Amy

    I would choose the table and chairs for my youngest 3 boys 🙂

  17. Andrea Amy

    i followed you on twitter

  18. Andrea Amy

    i am already a twitter follower of staples

  19. Andrea Amy

    I already like staples on facebook

  20. Andrea Amy

    i follow staples on pinterest

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  22. suzi

    I follow staples canada on Pinterest (serendipitysuzi)

  23. Sunshine G

    I’d choose the table and chairs – my toddler would love them!

  24. Sunshine G

    I follow Staples on Twitter as sgudlaug

  25. Sunshine G

    I follow Staples on FB as Sunshine G

  26. angela m

    I would choose the Tot Tutors Children’s Table and chairs because my kids need one for homework and coloring

  27. angela m

    I follow you on twitter (@flower_child_23)

  28. angela m

    I Follow Staples Canada on twitter

  29. angela m

    Liked Staples Canada on Facebook
    angela marriott

  30. angela m

    I Follow Staples Canada on Pinterest
    angela marriott

  31. Kristi

    I would choose the shuffle-great for runs!

  32. K

    I can’t believe I missed this! But if you’re feeling generous and don’t mind me being 4 minutes late.. I’d choose the table and chairs. (And I follow you on Facebook.)

  33. Jonnie

    I would choose the table set because my son would love it!

  34. Jonnie

    I follow you on twitter as edmontonjb

  35. Jonnie

    I follow Staples on twitter as edmontonjb

  36. Jonnie

    I like Staples on facebook as Jonnie JB Hartling

  37. Jonnie

    I follow staples on pinterest as edmontonjb (Jonnie Hartling)


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