As most of you know, I am finishing my Masters of Education and have one class left. An M.Ed. consists of ten courses – with the first course being an intro to research, then eight courses (most in organization/administration for my concentration) and finally a course where you write a fairly large paper (but not a research thesis). I have taken a mix of in-class and online courses, but mainly prefer online because it is more flexible with time. Although the in-class courses are just one night class a week during the regular semester. All I have left to do is the paper writing course. What I’ve heard from most people is that the course is “you show up once, write a paper and then come back at the end” style of course.

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I found out today that this is not the case for my particular section of the course. When I registered for this session, I read that there were only two options for the last course – in-class during May/June, two times a week or July, every night but Friday’s. Since I teach summer school, I really did not feel like registering for a course and then being inside all day. I also want to get this course done as quickly as possible and be done with everything. It figures that the university does not offer an online course during Spring/Summer sessions (which are condensed) but offers it during the Fall/Winter sessions when you only have to go to class once a week.I wrote in this post that I was done with classes – I was wrong!


So to kind of figure things out – I emailed the professor to ask about the schedule and he sent me the course outline. I read through it, cursed a couple of times about having to be downtown 2x a week for the next three weeks, and then zoomed into the class #1 date – MAY 1ST. The new semester starts tomorrow, not next Monday. I totally thought the class started next Tuesday! I would have looked like a complete moron showing up next week. This also means I am probably not going to be coaching for at least the next three weeks – colour me disappointed!


So off I go to class once again. Look out for lecture dinner tweets, complaints about being bored and instagram shots of my notebook!

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  1. Lisa from Lulu's Big Adventure

    Being inside during the summer sucks!! And being inside in class is even worse. But you’ll get through!
    Lisa from Lulu’s Big Adventure recently posted…Running Through New York CityMy Profile

  2. Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom

    Oh man! I’m sorry that you have to go back to class… to say I am happy to be done for now is an understatement! I’m also really glad that you saw the correct date… funny how life works!
    Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom recently posted…Things I Have Learned from a Hamstring InjuryMy Profile


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